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Beach-themed Bridal Shower + Easy tips & tricks

I had a sweet childhood; one I look back on fondly.

I lived in an amazing neighborhood full of great friends, lots of kids in my age group, swimming pools, trampolines, swing sets, Barbies and bikes galore, and we played hard… boy did we play hard.

One of those sweet girls from my beloved Saddlebrook play groups, Hadley, is getting married! Some of our family friends, Kim & Kelly, threw her a lovely beach-inspired bridal shower as she is getting married on the beach in Gulf Shores later this fall. It was such a sweet shower full of great entertaining ideas, a great food spread, and decorating tips.

I can’t wait to share their genius with you. With their permission of course! ūüôā

Station 1: Smooth Sailing

Smooth Sailing board

Message in a bottle

On their kitchen counter, Kim & Kelly had placed a small black-board easel that read “Write the couple a message in the bottle for ‘smooth sailing’.” They had pre-cut strips of paper, pens, and cute little fishy stickers to seal your note of advice & wisdom to the happy couple. You then placed your message in the bottle for them to read later.

I loved the fish netting they had strung over their surfaces! So beach-chic!

Station 2: Grab a glass!


Mrs. Kim really pulled out the stops at the buffet table! Here on her dining room sideboard, she covered her burlap wreath in natural fish netting and then added starfish and sea shells for extra flourish! You really can create a nice backdrop with little effort.

In front of the adorable wreath, were mix-matched sherbert, trifle, wine goblets, and iced tea glasses with spoons at the ready. Grab a glass and head to the Trifle Bar!

Station 3: Trifles baby!

What a spread!

Trifle bar 1

A trifle bar is a great idea for an afternoon bridal or baby shower, especially when the guest list is on the larger size.

The steps are simple.

1. Cube up some cakes! Kim & Kelly had Angel Food Cake, Vanilla Pound cake, and dense little brownie bites. But, some other great ideas are red velvet cake, chocolate sheet cake, Devil’s Food Cake, Gingerbread, even Funfetti if you are feeling whimsical!

2. Think about layers! Assorted fruits (assorted berries and pineapple are always a great idea), puddings, warm chocolate fudge, caramel sauce, freshly whipped cream, and lemon curd is a must!

3. Time to top it all off! Think cherries, chocolate chips, toffee bits, marshmallows, sprinkles, cookie crumbles and salted roasted peanuts are sure to hit the spot.

The flavor combinations are endless and there is sure to be something for everyone.

Complete your spread with hot coffee perking in the perculator and a cold and refreshing punch and you have a wonderful shower spread.

Trifle bar 2

Only Mrs. Kim would think to put a fish bowl in the center of the table complete with goldfish. What a creative center piece!

Mmmmmm…¬†As you can see, I¬†went for the all-chocolate variety.No big surprises here.


Yep. Here are my girls reunited!

We had fun then…


And we definately have fun now!


My family moved to Douglasville, a suburb of Atlanta, when I was 2 years old. There was a little blonde girl that lived next door named Mallory. I don’t have¬† a single childhood memory that does not involve her somehow.

Me & Mal Pal

Thanks for being my Mal-Pal. 24 years now we have been friends… and counting!

42 days until the BIG Day…

42 more days

Congratulations Hadley! May you both keep Him first, serve Him in your marrige, love much, laugh often, and forgive freely. Here is to a long and loving marriage!



Keys to Beachy, Boho, Super-chic Waves


I have always wanted curly hair, wavy hair, hair with a natural bend.

I covet these loose, wavy, tossled locks.

Its done, undone, imperfect, perfectly beautiful, sexy, and sassy.

I need a little sassy going into my weekend! How about you?

Researching tips and tricks for¬†this post led me to (Don’t you just love the name for that site? Who doesn’t love to babble? Sounds¬†so much more fun that ‘talking’,¬†‘chatting’, or ‘gabbing’ doesn’t it? Maybe it’s just me.) Babble promised me 25 Unique Ways to create Beachy Waves and they deliver! Here are a few of my easy-peasy favorites, but you can check out the whole list with the link above. You are sure to find a trick that works for you and your unique needs.

First up is an Overnight, No Heat Method. Sound too good to be true? I hope not! This one is on my list to try soon. Very, very soon.

Follow a complete step-by-step tutorial (complete with pictures of her glorious waves) on Pretty Gossip here. But, here is the cliffnotes version…

Before bed:

  1. Wash your hair and let it air dry for a while. Use some curling cream if you like and smooth the strands out with your fingers.
  2. Split hair into 2 even sections, right and left.
  3. Take 1 section, twist it root to base pretty tightly if you can. Be sure that the inside of your hair is twisting too… think like a funnel or tornado. We want everthing to be nice and curly!
  4. Once you have twisted both sides, bring to the crown of your head and clip making sure they are secure and in place.
  5. Sleep.
  6. Remove the clips and piece through the curls.
  7. Voila!

As she says, go to bed like this…

And wake up like this…

*photos from

Lovely! Just lovely!

Another quick trick requires a little heat for all-day beachy waves. Grab that curling iron!

Love this step-by-step pictorial from

Beachy Waves Tutorial by Martha Lynn Kale | photos by Cory Ryan for Camille Styles

Doesn’t she look just adorable? See full listing of instructions and details here.

And lastly, wanting a “barely there” wave for us shorter-haired gals? Love this video tutorial on The Small Things Blog. A great site with great tutorials! Follow this link for the video.

*photo from

I think she looks absolutely perfect!

So, how do you ride the wave? Any tips and tricks to share? Love to hear about them!

Have fun…