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Love it! Beauty edition


So much to say about on the subject.

There are whole blogs, magazines, books, and even television shows built around the premise that a beauty regimen is an ever-changing, continuously morphing, living thing.

And I am no different.

I change up my regimen with great regularity. I love trying new things, hearing from my friends about new products, talking to my dermatologist, or simply reading a positive review on a style and beauty blog I follow.

But, there is something to be said for your stand-bys. Some are old, and some are new, but I love them all!

I am a big believer in dry shampoo. Can I get an Amen?!?

Sometimes, early mornings just don’t allow for the shower, the shaving, the drying, the curling, etc., and I cheat with some dry shampoo. And this, without a doubt, is the best dry shampoo brand I have ever used.

It’s Herbal Essences Body Envy Dry Shampoo. And the smell is great too!

Great, great, great product!

I have oily skin. Not terribly oily, but by mid-afternoon the oil on my nose & chin starts to peek through my make-up.

I don’t like that.

So, I have used a number of mattifiers & primers over the years to eliminate, or at the very least, lessen the visibility of oil. And I have finally found the one.

It’s from a brand I trust, Neutrogena, and is their Shine Control primer with rice complex. It allows my make-up to go on more smoothly, it lasts longer, and is light-weight and non-greasy. And for $12.99 at your local drug store, it’s a great product for a great price.

I love baths. It’s a simple fact.

Nothing says “wind down” or “relax” like a hot, steamy bath and a good book. And I love lavender bath washes, and this one hits all the right notes.

From Aveeno Active Naturals, the Calming Body Wash with lavender, chamomile, and ylang ylang is luxurious, moisturizing, and leaves my skin smelling and feeling great. I am already on my 3rd bottle! You can find this product for $5.99 at your local drugstore.

I have told you about my affinity for the Wet Brush in the past, and now an even greater Wet Brush! The Wet Brush Shine! improves the luster and smoothness of your hair with a double set of bristles.

No more pulling & tugging with wet hair! It’s practically the only brush (other than paddle brush) that I am using these days.

I am all about streamlining my routine.

I have tried whitening products in the past that were slippery, didn’t stay in place, aggravated my sensitive teeth, and even one that burned my gum line. I thought I was going to have to swear off whitening products forever.

Until Mom put these in my Christmas stocking with the gentle encouragement of, “just try them!” The seal is really tight, you could even wear them at your desk at work without being inconvenienced. I have been using them for about 1 week and put them on as I am applying make-up and getting dressed.

So far, really, really impressed with these white strips. No burning, no aggravation, and no mess.

Can’t wait to see final results in a few more weeks!

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Essie’s nail products. But, I am even more a fan of their new base coats- an entire line of base coats for you every nail need.

I’ve been using First Base, a base coat, primer, and color adhesive that makes your home manicure last even longer & go on smoother.

And another one that is especially nice is the Ridge Fill. Aids in smoothing, polishing, and resurfacing. It’s also anti-aging.

Sometimes, surprisingly, the most important part of your manicure is your base coat.

And then finally, the Strong Base Coat. Helps grow stronger, more protected and nourished natural nails.

I buy my Essie products at either Wal-Mart or Walgreens. Prices of base coats will vary.

And finally, I love dramatic lashes. Especially on days when I may not do what I call “full face” makeup and I just want a little blush, lip color, and bold lashes, I pull out this mascara.

It’s BC Color Dramatic Lash Mascara from Beauticontrol for $25. It is like false lashes in a tube! Just a few swipes and you will have achieved look-at-me-lashes.

So, I hope this has inspired you to try some new products, experiment, and have fun enhancing your natural God-given beauty…



Things to share…

Truth time.

I have felt a little chaotic of late.

I am sure it’s never like that for you, is it?!? Right?

New year, new habits, new schedules, new responsibilities, and I feel like I am just now sinking my teeth into them.

So, this post is completely random with no prior planning involved. So, forgive my futile attempts to update you on the comings and goings of life including new things I’m trying, links I am loving, projects I am participating in, and a little bit of everything else too thrown in for good measure.

I started Weight Watchers last week. It worked for me once, really, really worked, and I am hoping for a repeat result.

Yeah! Feels good.

There is a group of about 30 women at my office that are also participating, including my sweet roomie Katie. It’s wonderful to have someone to hold you accountable, cook and share meals with, and then encourage when they feel weak, and vice versa!

I will continue to keep you updated on my weight loss and progress towards my goal. Which, at this time, I am uncertain what it will be. I will know it when I get there. I will also share great tips, tricks, and low-cal recipes with you as well, should any of you out there also be trying to lose a few lbs.

And some recipes that I have tried/will try/ know that I love are…

Soft Black Bean Tostadas from Cooking Light {this bean spread is also great as a low-fat dip with chips or veggies}

WW Crock Pot Chicken Stroganoff

Southwestern Egg Muffins {and to make even lighter, substitute a few egg whites}

Asian Salmon in Foil  {although I dial the honey in this recipe back}

And, because I don’t believe in total deprivation, I am going to try this method out next time we have the girls over and we need a little chocolate fix!

I shared this recipe with a lady in the Wal-Mart checkout line today!  Brownies made With Greek yogurt --sub the oil w/ yogurt

Dark chocolate brownie + low-fat, lean protein from greek yogurt sounds too good to be true!

So, one of my 52 things to do this year involves a little closet clean-out and reorganization.

I found this post on Pinterest and found it very helpful. 6 Foolproof Steps to Purge, Organize, and Renew your Home.

PURGE. TOSS. DONATE. 6 Foolproof Home Organizational Tips that will get you pointed in the right direction NOW!

Worth a shot I’d say!

The process commences this weekend! It always makes me feel so good at the start of each new year to get organized and have my surroundings reflect that.

I am loving this new scarf tie. It may not be new to you, but it is to me and it is so chic, classic, and clean.

How To Tie the Barcelona scarf tie. Easy & chic. 2 of my very favorite qualities.

Very helpful tutorial… try it out!

Just finished this book,

and I am onto these…

They were all recommendations from other sweet, sweet people in my life who love books as much as I do!

Can’t wait to crack their covers!

In other news, I did something very adult this past weekend. I bought dining room chairs.

I think it is the official step into domestic life & adulthood.

And I am very, very pleased with my purchase. I have been waiting for these bad boys to go on sale & when they did, I was ready to pounce!

It’s the Dayna Side Chairs from Ballard Designs. I purchased the Ivory finish with natural linen seats. Should look just delicious cozied up to my sweet little gray dining room table.

Now I can invite people over for dinner and not have them sit in mis-matched desk chairs!



So, there you go!  Just a little bit about what’s going on with little old me!