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My 34 Item Capsule Wardrobe {Summer ed}

Oh. Thank you Leonardo.

And that’s exactly what we are doing here. Paring items down to those “most essential” to achieve true simplicity, wardrobe freedom, and ultimately, sophistication.

Okay, fellow Capsuleers (or those that are just curious to observe this social experiment), here we go…

Just a few short days stand between me and my 35 item Capsule Wardrobe to be worn through the month of July.

So, here is the breakdown of my items once again:

  • Tops – 8
  • Bottoms – 5
  • Shoes – 6 pairs
  • Dresses – 6
  • Skirts – 1
  • Outerwear – 8

Category 1: Outerwear (8)

I actually started my planning by selecting my outerwear. For some reason, it was the simplest category to begin with and the piece I wanted to build my capsule wardrobe around.

I work in an office 5 days per week and it is a professional work environment, no casual days here! So, I started with those most essential items, which for me, are blazers, jackets, & separates and then began to add in the tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes that mix and match well.

Make sense?!?

So, I allowed myself 8 outerwear pieces- 4 blazers, 2 cardigans, 1 vest, & 1 White Denim jacket.


{forgive the amateur photography… I discovered that photographing still-life clothing wasn’t all that easy! But, I have pictured a few sets of items of clothing I have in my capsule. I will be sharing outfit ideas throughout the month.}

Category 2: Bottoms (5)

2 pairs of black dress slacks for work, 2 pair denim jeans (1 skinny jean, 1 boyfriend jean), 1 pair Army green rolled Chinos

Category 3: Tops (8)


Now the fun begins!

Keys to choosing best, most essential tops:

  1. Think about layering pieces that pair well with blazers, jackets, and other outerwear
  2. Play with color & texture to “bump up” the more neutral pants and outerwear selection
  3. Choose varying sleeve lengths
  4. Transitional pieces that can be worn dressed down or up

5 tank tops, 2 T-shirts, 1 silk dress blouse, and 1 denim button down

And as you can see, I stuck to a “cooler” color palette with various shades of blue, gray, purple, and pops of color here and there. I also limited pattern as much as possible and went with more traditional solids so that it was more versatile. If it was a pattern, I limited myself to only stripes and floral so it was an easy pattern to mix n match.

Category 4: Shoes (6)

No brainer.

3 heels/pumps for work in classic neutrals, 1 casual flat sandal, 1 pair of sneakers, & 1 wedge sandal

Category 5: Dresses & Skirts (6+1=7)


3 Shift dresses for work, 2 cotton “sun” dresses, 1 Maxi dress, & 1 breezy Maxi skirt


Can’t tell you how good  and how freeing this feels already. Really and truly.


So, the experiment begins in just 2 short days, and I am hoping:

a) This saves time & stress in the morning when deciding what to wear.

b) Limits unnecessary spending.

c) Helps me in determining what items to keep and what items to donate.

d) Pushes me to be creative by doing more with less.

e) Falling more in love with the clothes I already have, and discovering new ways to enjoy them.

Has this inspired you at all?

Practicing minimalism…



Capsule Wardrobe… the Why behind the How

Have you heard of the Capsule Wardrobe?

This idea, at least for me, stems from this very brave lady Caroline who blogs @ Unfancy, who took the dare to create for herself a 37 piece wardrobe she wears year round.

And nothing else but these 37 items.

The Capsule Wardrobe Lifestyle, as it has become known, is “the practice of keeping a small amount of useful clothes in your closet and remixing them each season.”

Caroline lays out some ground rules…


Why did she do this?

In her own words… “So I can do more meaningful things with my time and energy. So I can avoid emotional purchases, avoid overspending. So I can build an intentional wardrobe that makes me want to do a happy dance.

And most importantly: I do it because I like it. It brings me joy.”

Remembering the “why” you do something, always helps you excel and achieve the “how.”

So, I took the dare. Just for a month, the month of July and determined my own 34 item Capsule Wardrobe.

Now, I know that she suggests to do it for a solid season, a period of 3 months, but I was uncertain and a bit skeptical, so I am trying it for a month… at least at first.

Who knows?!? I may decide to continue it into August or September even!

Here is my break-down and then I will expound a bit on my personal choices in my next post.

  • Tops – 8
  • Bottoms – 5
  • Shoes – 6 pairs
  • Dresses – 6
  • Skirts – 1
  • Outerwear – 8

Keys to remember when choosing your items: {at least, these are the rules that helped me}

  1. Choose a color palette and stay within the palette you choose. This will help you to create new outfits and is easier to mix n match so it’s not so obvious you are wearing the same outfit as you did last Tuesday.
  2. Build with neutrals, and then add a little color with accessories.
  3. Only choose items that you love & can wear right now!
  4. Remember that your selection excludes workout items, loungewear, pajamas, undergarments, jewelry, accessories, & specialty occasions like cocktail parties, weddings, showers, etc.
  5. Move your 35 or 37 item Wardrobe to the front of your closet so you won’t be tempted by the remaining pieces.
  6. Donate what you don’t love right now, what you can’t wear right now, and what doesn’t constitute “useful clothing.”


Here is a FREE wardrobe planner that Caroline provides on her site.

I will keep you up to date on my progress and will share styling tips throughout this next month…or so…

Happy Capsuling!