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This past year I have had the privilege of mentoring a young girl.

My Camiyah.

Camiyah 3

She is a 2nd grader, soon to be 3rd grader, and is a star student.

Very bright, asks probing questions, has an excellent memory, and loves math. Wish I had had that same zeal for word problems and calculations at her age… or any age for that matter. Math just has never been my thing. But, it’s hers, and I celebrated that and encouraged her to continue to work hard.

Each month I would visit her for about an hour to an hour and a half, during regular school hours, and we would discuss a different character trait as part of our curriculum.





Then, the other part of the time we filled with conversation and whatever she wanted to do- play computer games, play basketball, read a book, and later (once she discovered I had a cell phone in my bag) we would play Heads Up! She’s a clever one!

Camiyah 1

Camiyah 2

In the year we have spent together, I know that I have learned far more than I ever taught or shared.

But, this sweet and unlikely friendship that God has used in my life,and I hope in hers too, has got me to thinking about lifelong mentorship and the principle of Paul & Timothy. Older and younger generations sharing their learnings, trials, peaks, valleys, and times of great rejoicing and joy or times of great sadness and mourning throughout their faith walks with one another. Building one another up, sharing Truth, holding one another accountable, and praying for one another.

There is an older gentleman that I work with, and on paper or even in person, I am sure this friendship is understood by very few who watch us interact. But, I am telling you, he is honestly one of the most important and influential people in my life.

We don’t meet monthly or even weekly, in fact, we meet here and there for a couple of precious minutes in between the crazy hecticness that is our work schedules, but when we do, we cut to the chase and talk about life, faith, relationships, and sometimes rarely about job stuff.

But, if there is one thing he has taught me, and there have been many lessons, it is boldness.

Not too many people in my life will pull up a chair, look you deep in the eyes, and ask, “How is your prayer life?” “Jamie, are you truly trusting God in that situation?” “What are you learning from your quiet time spent in His word?”

But He will.

This man shares his faith unapologetically. Boldly, without hesitation, and does so incredibly respectfully and tactfully, in a way that is deeply personal and meaningful for all parties.

I have watched this firsthand, they are enraptured in what he has to say. And it is so basic, so simple, but it is the God-breathed capital “T” Truth. The truth everyone desperately needs to hear.

So, I ask you, who are you pouring into?

Who is pouring into you?

Because I can guarantee you, someone always is, for the good or for the worse. Someone is there to influence you, your decisions, and your spirit.

Pursue godly mentorship. The “iron sharpens iron” kind of relationships. They don’t always make the most sense on paper, as I know from personal experience, but the fruit it bears will be true and everlasting and a blessing to you so you can bless others in turn.

Think about it…



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“Best of” Blogs

So, those of us who love writing blogs, posting blogs, creating content for our blogs, designing, sharing, etc., also love READING BLOGS. And that is a question I get all the time consistently from some of my most loyal readers.

What blogs do you read?

Well, I’m gonna tell you, and I will tell you why, and exactly where to find these gems on the web!

I like blogs of all sorts.

Spiritual or devotional based.

Foodie blogs full of delicious concoctions & confections.

Crafting or design blogs that fuel my creative spirit.

Fashion blogs. Where I get all my style ideas.

Travel blogs that encourage the wanderlust within and tell me where to go, what to do, what to eat, and when to go.

I love them all, and they speak to different parts of me. And they will you too!

Jones Design Company 

jones design company

The very first blog I ever followed. Emily was the inspiration behind me actually stepping out in faith and starting a blog… and she taught me how!

JDC specializes in home decor, crafting, design, and all things beautiful. When I type the name in and press search, an immediate calm comes over me when the home page loads.

Emily always has great tips plus extraordinary how-tos. Like how to “fake calligraphy” or how to “transform sequined shirt into a pillow cover for the holidays” or  how to make “bronze gift tags” for that special gift. She has beautiful ideas and a beautiful spirit to go along with it and wants to share amazing content with her readers.

Plus her downloads and freebies are second to none! Go check out her site… you will love her as I do!

M.D. Haney & Co. 

MD Haney & Co.

I would love for all of you to meet my sweet friend Darci!

Darci and I met online as we both took The Blog Class I touched on above. She lives in Oregon where her and her husband own a shop where Darci teaches painting (her specialty is with Anne Sloan chalk or milk paints), run a custom cabinetry business, and raise 2 adorable little girls.

I just love her heart!

Along the same vein as Emily, Darci is a designer/ artist/ shop owner/ super mom and shares her unique talent and gifts to her readers. On MD Haney & Co. blog you will find topics such as how to paint an antique hutch with milk paint, painting gingham check walls, or even a very delicious (and simple) recipe for herbed ricotta spread served with store-bought crackers.



I wouldn’t mind sitting on Darci’s porch at her home in Oregon and snacking on that as we talk. One day I hope to meet her in person!

Reluctant Entertainer 

Reluctant Entertainer - Feast on Life

Don’t you just love that?!? “Feast of life”… and Sandy does!

Sandy has a unique perspective on entertaining and hospitality. Her first commandment of hospitality is that hospitality is not about you. It’s about making others feel warm and welcome. She says, true “freedom begins when we get the concept of having people into our homes (that things do not have to be perfect)–realizing our guests are not coming to see our house, or expecting a perfect gourmet meal–that they are coming to see us, to know us, and to enjoy our company.”

Amen, Sandy!

She even has an entire web page devoted to stress-less, easy entertaining & dinner party menus so we will do just that, enjoy our guests and show them genuine, godly hospitality.

Slow Cooker Chicken Mole Recipe for a Fiesta Dinner Party | from Reluctant Entertainer

Some of my favorite recipes of hers include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

They are all simple, delicious, fresh, and many times healthful.

Hop on over there and feel inspired!

It’s absolutely delicious, this life we live…

Add a Pinch 

Add a Pinch

Sweet Robin is a Seventh generation Southern wife, mother, and homecook! What a legacy!

On her site, Add a Pinch, share shares her heart through recipes that have been passed down to her that made her fall in love with the kitchen all over again!

You can search for recipes by cooking style (grilling, 30 minutes of less, camper/RV recipes, slow cooker, etc.), by special occasion (holidays, shower, party), or by category (appetizers, main course, side dish, dessert). So simple!

Here are few I’m currently craving…

Pumpkin Bread with a deeper flavor and out of this world taste - Chocolate Chip Espresso Pumpkin Bread!

Proverbs 31 Ministries 


A source of immediate encouragement and challenge, in equal parts.

P31 Daily Devotions

A place to connect, to share, to read, to absorb, and to be filled.

Make sure to subscribe to receive your free daily online devotional! A true Godsend that continues to give each and every day.

So thankful for this resource!

Aspiring Kennedy 

TIme to pack your bags!

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 4.32.50 PM.png

My sweet Sarah introduced me to “Kennedy”, and boy oh boy, am I glad she did!

This is the ultimate travel blog for us adventurers, or at least for those that aspire to be.


“Kennedy” and her family like in the UK, London to be exact, and plan the most amazing trips to quaint little tucked-away places in Europe, many that I have never even heard of! Along the way, she shares her heart for travel, tips and tricks, where to go, what to do, where to eat (very important) what not to do, even what sorts of bags she likes to pack. Be sure to check out her Travel Guides Menu here as she shares her expertise and insight into cities such as London, Paris, Provence, Florence, Dublin, and so many more!


I would go and check out her site for the pictures alone.{these amazing pictures above are on her site}


For the wanderlust in all of us…

Four Season Fabulous 

Four Season Fabulous

Ray describes herself as “a Detroit area electrical engineer with a passion for fashion”, and good fashion I might add!

One of her current posts, I am absolutely obsessed with! So genius… 9 pieces, 9 different ways. She is an expert at building a minimalist wardrobe and making it work for you, with highest return!

9 Pieces, 9 Ways

Such a great idea and no one would know that is only 9 pieces!

And her Pinterest Page? Don’t even get me started on the fabulous looks, tips, & tricks that she shares…


Dallas Wardrobe

Sweater Dress - Dallas Wardrobe

Hard to pick just one fashion blog, because I follow many, but Dallas Wardrobe is right up there at the top!

What can I say? Beautiful photography, beautiful clothing and accessories, beautiful blog I cannot get enough of!

Dallas Wardrobe // Fashion & Personal Style Blog

Amy combines my style elements effortlessly- classic, chic, ladylike, with an edge of bohemian.

Weekend Escape - Dallas Wardrobe @OldNavy

Make sure and go to the side icon that says “Amy’s Outfits” on her site.

You won’t be sorry you did! I can always find inspiration there.

So, that’s it… what I read, what I follow, what I do when I’m online… not blogging. I am reading other’s blogs! Still discovering more and more every day that I love, love, love!

And if you have blogs you love, love, love (I hope this is one of them), share them with me!

Have fun!