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So much more than labels.

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about labels. How the whole world is designed, it is conspiring to “figure us out”, to label us, to define us and determine our worth.

Not so fast.

He is radically, actively, and furiously rewriting our labels. If we will only let Him.

It was a post that resonated with so many of you, and I was blown away, emotional, and deeply moved and encouraged as I read your comments, emails, or social media shares. It did this heart good.

While reading in bed last night, Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa Terkeurst, this idea once again arrested me in a chapter entitled “When I feel like I don’t measure up.”

Lysa takes us through this hysterical story of the day she knew, knew in her bones that she was finally going to be awarded a gold start for being an Outstanding Mommy. She had volunteered to make 100 homemade brownies for the school bake sale, but she took it even further. Not only were these brownies, but they were Caramel Turtle brownies.. from a box, but still. And on top of that, she individually wrapped these gorgeous little chocolate gems in clear plastic bags with coordinating colored ribbons. And on the 97th brownie package, as fingers began to tire and her mind strayed, a thought occurred to her. The school is Peanut-free zone and she had just wrapped 97 chocolate brownies dripping in gooey caramel and topped with peanuts and pecans.

Hangs her head.

No shining star.

No Outstanding Mommy awards to showcase on the mantel.

No envious glares from other mommies at the bake sale that had hoped to have it as together as she had it.

Now, in the grand scheme of life, this was not major and Lysa knew that to be true, but what it was, was a catalyst for all those other memories in her past to be brought up, to be recalled, and to be replayed. Falling further and further into this bottomless pit of shame, despair, and embarrassment.

And that is exactly where the enemy wants you to be. Where he wants you to stay. How he wants you to feel. How he wants you to be labeled.





Beyond forgiveness.

Out of the realms of His love.

Satan delights in these labels. His entire purpose is to keep you there. Take you deeper than you ever wanted to go, further than you ever meant to trod.

“For though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again, but the wicked are brought down by calamity.” – Proverbs 24:16 

Lysa says that in order to become more than just a “good Bible study girl, means I “separate my shortcomings from my true identity and let Jesus be the only measure of my worth.” (pg 42) He never intended for us to rely on others for our sense of well-being. Only He is equipped to provide that to us, to be the measure of worthiness.

It’s simply a matter of the heart like scripture says in John 15:9-11. I cannot rest my heart, my soul, my worth in any hands other than His. In any unrealistic hope that others, that people, that flawed people just like me could make my joy complete. I rest my heart in Jesus only.

Abide in Him.

Obey Him.

Worship Him.

Love Him.

Be loved by Him. Because we are worthy.



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We all have them.

We have all tried to shake a few to no avail.

We have some we have earned, and others that have been unjustly assigned to us.

Single. Girlfriend. Engaged.

Married. Divorced. Empty-Nester.

Unemployed. Under-employed. Stay-at-home Mom.

Wealthy. Poor. Middle-class.

Overweight. Underweight.

Size 4. Size 14.

4 Facebook likes. 4,000 Instagram followers.

Beautiful. Undesirable.

Everything in this temporal world is measured, is labeled, is a comparison, is designed in this grand competition we call life.

And we can’t help but get caught up in it. It’s our human nature.

But lately, I have been feeling this undeniable pull, this emotional tug to practice my God-nature and not human nature and to redefine myself each and every day as simply Loved.

It’s my label.



Bride of Christ.

Never left alone.


I am choosing this label.


I had the rare treat to go see Chris Tomlin in concert this past weekend with one of my dearest work friends. Such a fun night of worship & encouragement we experienced. Small taste of Heaven, for sure.

One of his new singles is entitled “Good Good Father”, and it’s on my roomie’s morning playlist as she gets ready each morning, so I have heard it no less than a dozen times. But, it is the most perfect and simple reminder of His goodness, grace, and unending love towards us.

The lyrics say…

“You’re a Good, Good Father.

It’s who you are…

It’s who you are…

It’s who you are.

And I am loved by You.

It’s who I am..

It’s who I am…

It’s who I am.”

I have adopted it as somewhat of a personal anthem.

I sing it in the morning as I am curling my hair. On my commute to work. While cooking dinner. Or any time  I need the reminder. Which is always!

I am loved by Him.

It’s who I am. Who I am. The truest part of who I am and how I want to define myself. One radically loved by my Savior.

He doesn’t see me as Jamie, the 28 year old, incredibly flawed, single, incorrectly perceived Corporate America paper-pusher, but as His daughter. And He wants only what is for my good. His very best for me.

Now, this God-nature doesn’t automatically rend my human nature ineffective, but it is shrinking the need of those other labels that I covet.

I hope and pray that you find complete surrender and freedom in this notion of who you are in Him, and that those labels that society has given to you, they are not the labels He gives. And you can be redeemed of them.

It feels good to have your slate wiped clean.