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Digging up.

One of my favorites, and honestly a spiritual mentor of mine, Elisabeth Elliot once said, “Don’t dig up in doubt, what you planted in faith.”

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of digging.

I go through digging seasons.

Do you?

But, like a loving parent who unconditionally loves & disciplines His child, the Lord draws me unto Himself time and time again.

Even when I am throwing a tantrum.

It is in these digging seasons that I am often rebellious towards Him.

Not in daily fellowship and prayer with Him.

Not in fellowship with fellow believers; my confidantes, truth-tellers, and accountability partners. Because I know what the mirror will show staring back at me.




So, sometimes, while I am digging, it’s easier to just shut them out. Shut them all out.

And in that avoidance, in that rebellion, what does He do? Pours out His love, grace, and mercy anyways. Because I am His.

And He is mine.

In a way, we are all like spiritual farmers. Faithfully planting those seeds of faith and waiting for the harvest. We have grand, big dreams for in various areas of our lives, and so we plant seeds in relationships, in our career aspirations, in our finances, in our small groups and church groups, and we are expectant that they return to us in healthy marriages, happy families, successful business endeavors, enriching new relationships, deepening friendships, and fruitful personal ministry.

And that is all well and good.

But, it is in between the sowing and the reaping where our true problems lie.

Have we been protecting our seeds? Giving them attention, water, prayer? Protecting them from the birds of the sky and the rodents in the field; the enemy?

And perhaps most importantly, have we allowed God to work in and through us? Have we practiced patience and diligence, not compromising and uprooting these hopes and dreams before they have the chance to mature and be fruitful? Are we not allowing them to bloom?

We are digging them up, instead of reaping.

So, here I am. Staring at some empty fields, wondering if I will ever see a crop pop up. I am tempted to dig up in doubt, what I planted in prayer and faith.

Maybe you are too?

Don’t let doubt uproot your faith.

Stay the course and continue to be a sower, not a digger. Let’s reap the fields together.



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Link Love

And it’s time for another edition of Link Loving…

where I combine all the great things I have learned, seen, or read on the internet and share it with you! Some of this stuff is just too good to keep in, and keep to myself!

I recently came across an article entitled…

14 Ways to Air-Dry Your Hair (No Matter Your Hair Type): Here, the best techniques and tips for air-drying your hair into beachy waves, polished bends, and pretty spirals. Each and every one has been vetted and perfected—by celebrities (like Elizabeth Olsen, pictured above), their hairstylists, and the Allure editors who'd rather be on the beach than holed up in a bathroom blow-drying their hair. |

Oh boy did that get my attention! Anytime I can air dry my hair, helping it to stay healthy, soft, and glowy, and get it to look even remotely close to the picture above, I am in!!

In the article, Allure Magazine shares its best style and beauty tips for air-drying your hair in messy, beachy waves, polished bends with maximum volume, and even pretty spirals.

To achieve sultry, effortless waves such as these…

Air-Drying Hair Trips - Maria Sharapova's textured waves and hairstylist Adir

The stylist recommends misting damp hair with sea salt or other texturizing spray, divide it into 4 equal sections, and loosely braid each section as it dries.

Can’t wait to try that one at the beach this summer! Sounds almost too good to be true.

And speaking of summertime hair…

Loving this boho-chic style for summer using bandanas and printed silk scarves.

How to wear a head scarf - vintage hair Click the website to see how I lost 21 pounds in one month with free trials:

Seems like a cute, elevated and simple updo for bopping around town!

This article will tell you the Top 10 ways to wear your scarves/bandanas this summer. Love the idea of it wrapped softly around a top knot or bun too! Just a little something different.


You could also tie that beuatiful scarf into a fabric necklace to be worn over T shirts and tanks all spring & summer long!

How to wear a scarf in warm weather?  Tie a silk necklace / The Vivienne Files:

Quick tutorial here:

How to wear an Hermes scarf as a necklace:

We all know that summer is the season of love and it’s wedding season for many of us! I myself have a few very special friends and family members entering into wedded bliss later this year, and so I have been collecting some fun, fresh ideas for shower gifts, shower favors, bachelorette weekend gifts, etc.

Fancy a girls spa weekend with the bride and all her maids?

Pedicure in a Jar!

Pedicure in a Jar Shower Gift Favors:

Or perhaps you threw a Kitchen-themed shower, successfully stocking the bride-to-be’s kitchen cabinets and want to send your guests home with a little added flavor?

Rosemary Sea Salt Recipe with Free Printable Tags - A great DIY Gift Idea!

Mix up your own seasoned salt. I love the idea of this Rosemary Sea Salt. Would be perfect for grilled meats, baked potatoes, or on top of fresh veggies or garlic bread.

Click over to the link above for free printable jar labels and gift tags!

Or, you could send everyone home with their very own set of recipe cards tied up with some decorative ribbon or kitchen twine.

Free Printable Recipe Card:

These are from Evermore Paper Co. So, so cute, and who doesn’t love a little themed gift?

I absolutely love to cook, but I’ll be perfectly honest, I have lost the will and the discipline to cook for myself on a nightly basis due mostly to lack of planning & lack of drive after a long & tiring work day.

Who’s with me?!?

So, I am also linking up to a few sites that offer great ideas of Meal Planning, Cooking for 1 or even 2, and finally how to cook and stock your freezer for many meals in just one afternoon.

Too good to be true?

This post boasted “A Month of Freezer Meals in One Afternoon”… wow!

This lady made a month of freezer meals for $200 in four hours. Definitely trying this one!

I love some of her ideas, recipes, tips, and tricks and she has a downloadable pdf full of all her secrets! This book includes:

  • Top 10 tips for first time freezer meal makers – things you need to know & how to get started.
  • The order in which to create the meals so you’re not wondering “what do I do next?”
  • Printable versions of all of the recipes for the plan, including:
    • Classic Marinara
    • Basic Lasagna
    • Classic Chili
    • Cheeseburger Casserole
    • Broccoli Cheddar Chicken Pasta Bake
    • Tex Mex Chicken Casserole
    • Cheddar Chicken Casserole
    • And you’ll have several meals worth of pre-cooked meat for meals like tacos, sloppy joes, BBQ sandwiches and more.
    • Plus! Printable shopping list for you to take to the store with you.

A great resource to be sure!

Make some for yourself, stock your freezer, and share some other meals with your close friends and family! What a sweet gift for a new Mom or someone who has just returned home from an outpatient procedure at the hospital. Stocking their freezer is a precious gift that they will be incredibly thankful for!

So, here’s one I was excited to read:

Meal planning for beginners. Easy step by step directions. Yes!!!! This is exactly what i was looking for. Simple., easy and impossible to mess up.:

For Beginners. That’s me!

The Busy Budgeter took me through her fool-proof steps for easy weeknight meal planning.

In this, she shares her very basic steps for meal planning- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She also shares with you 6 types of meals that master meal planners use: 15 Minute Meals, Slow Cooker Meals, Freezer Cooking, Freezer Dump Cooking, Backward Meal Planning, and “Eating Out.” I’m linking up to a listing of her favorite 15 minute (and under) meals because I know that title alone got your attention. And mine.

For our family Easter gathering this year, my Cousin Melanie made the most outrageous appetizer for all of us to share. Fresh Fruit Salsa with Baked Cinnamon Chips.

Fruit Salsa with Baked Cinnamon Chips by the girlwhoateeaeverything #Snacks #Fruit_Salsa #Healthy:

I cannot even tell you how fast we gobbled this one up! And so I am linking up to the recipe so we all can enjoy in this fresh, spring and summertime shareable snack. I am sure to make this very soon for my small group. They will love it!

Also, did you know that you could make hard boiled eggs in your oven using a muffin tin?

Get outta here! Genius!

Here is an article about how to use a standard muffin tin to make tons of hard boiled eggs at one time! Perfect for that potato salad you plan on making all summer long.

Peel eggs and serve.

Mama, I’m looking at you…

And finally, I am linking up to this ingenious idea for a spring & summer easy entertaining idea- A Build-your-own Bruschetta Bar!

How To: Bruschetta Bar! The most fantastic way to throw a dinner party!:

This, ladies and gentleman (if there are any of you out there… still reading), is an absolutely perfect no-stress and delicious way to entertain this season. I can even see this being turned into a picnic! It is essentially all the things you love about tapas style eating all rolled up and presented beautifully on a giant bread board.

Gaby combines grilled bread with grilled, raw, or grilled room-temperature veggies, various cheeses, assorted meats, and some sauces or other accoutrements like basil pesto or a homemade red pepper sauce this recipe links to. Your guests will be wowed.

Are you on board?

Get it?


couldn’t resist.

So, that’s a little of what I’m loving these days.