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How God Really Feels about Women on International Women’s Day…

I know, I know. I am a few days late and this is not “International Women’s Day”, but I read this post on that day earlier this week, and I thought- this is my kind of International Women’s Day post! 

It’s raw and honest and absolutely beautiful. The Lord created us for so much much more, and it is true, we should raise our voices, we should speak up for those that are silenced and marginalized, and we should care for one another in respect, admiration, and love, but we should also see the God-given potential in the women around you and nurture that sweet spirit, and that calling that she feels in the deepest parts of her being.

And that is a day I can get behind. Today and every single day of the year.

So, I wanted to re-share Ann Voskamp’s moving words, {Such a fan-girl of hers!} and I took the liberty of peppering this post with pictures of the women in my life. And I pray that it whispers to your soul and recharges you in your walk with Him. Because this is how He feels about you.

This and so much, much more.

How God Really Feels About Women on International Women’s Day | by Ann Voskamp 

“Hey Girl?

You are brave, you are growing the right kind of strong.

Your voice, your heart, is always wanted and never, ever forget: you always belong.

Promise you’ll never forget this either?

The night you were born a girl, the stars stilled and sang, because you were a girl and you filled the earth with more of His otherworld glory.

God made sure every girl born knew she was never less than: He gave her double X chromosomes.

When God decided to pull on skin and make His visitation into the world, He didn’t show up in some backroom of an inner boy’s club.

This is what God chose as best, this is where He first became one of us:

God chose to make His entry point into the world through the holy space of a woman, to enfold Himself inside of a woman, to drink of a woman, be held and nourished and cared for by a woman.

That’s the jolting truth of how God loves women with His honor.

Christ never beat down a woman with harsh words or lusting eyes or sneering innuendos, but He stepped in and stopped a broken woman from the abuse of angry men.

Christ came to the defence of a hurting woman and the Son of Man stood between her ache and her attackers and He lifted the weight of shame from her and cupped her heart with hope and wrote a new future into the dust and dirt of everything and he saved. her. life.

That’s how God loves women with His defence.

Christ didn’t degrade women in His talk, but He made women heroes in His stories. 

He honored an intentional woman imploring an unjust judge, and said she was about unveiling more of the character of God.

He elevated a lonely, unmarried woman who dropped her meager resources into the temple treasury as the rebuke of God for all the rich and religious.

That’s how God loves women with His words.

Christ never demonized women but He accepted the presence of a woman reviled by the self-righteous.

He sat with the scandalous woman the righteous regarded as damaged goods.

He welcomed the rejected and the immodest woman, though there were times that he lost the respect of the religious.

That’s how God loves women with His grace.

Christ stepped out of that black tomb, He still didn’t choose to first manifest Himself to prestigious officials, religious leaders, the Twelve, but instead He revealed Himself first to the women.

He entrusted the veracity of His resurrection to the testimony of the women.

He offered the privilege of proclaiming Christ as the risen Savior to the women, though no court at the time would accept their testimony.

That’s how God loves women with His esteem.

Hey Girl?

God first revealed Himself to a woman as the God Who Sees — because God needed every woman to know that she is seen, she is known, she is beloved.

God made the answer to the world’s very first problem, the one of aloneness — to be a woman. 

God created women to be part of the answer to the problems in the world.

Being a woman isn’t a problem — being a women is being part of the answer to the world’s problems.

And every woman is here not to one-up one another — but to help one another up.

Hear me, Girl: The world has enough women who know how to do their hair. It needs more women who know how to do hard and holy things.

And— hey, Girl? Just promise — that you’ll never, ever forget:

God made sure every girl born knew she was never less than: He gave her double X chromosomes. 

God made sure every woman has a double x-factor.”

Full of splendor. Full to the brim of His glory and His blessing & favor. Let that wash away the shame or disdain you continue to carry; the burdens you won’t put down.

Be full of His grace, and extend it willingly to others.

You’re an x-factor. The X-factor. 



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Make Ahead “Party Sandwiches”

These simple make-ahead Ham & Cheese Sandwiches, or as we refer to them, “Party Sandwiches” are a snack that my grandmother has been making since I was young, and at any family gathering that they appear at, they are instantly swarmed and consumed.

They are a cinch to make, and my favorite part of this recipe is that you can prep them the day before, layer them in a foil, disposable pan or a Pyrex dish, keep in your refrigerator covered, and then just heat and serve when the party starts.

The original recipe calls for these to be made with King’s Hawaiian Yeast Rolls, and that is certainly just fine & perfectly delicious as well, but these mini croissants that I found at Sam’s Club (love shopping in bulk!) elevated the game a bit and they were dainty little finger sandwiches just perfect for a mid-morning baby shower. But, pretty much any roll or bread of choice will be just perfect for these.

Here is how I made them…

Ham & Cheese Party Sandwiches 

This is not an exact science, and I am not even sure I can call this a “recipe”, it’s more of a method, but I will walk you through it.


  • Sandwich bread: croissants, slider rolls, mini buns, or even dinner rolls
  • Deli Ham, thinly sliced
  • Swiss Cheese, thinly sliced
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Mayonnaise
  • Honey
  • Brown Sugar
  • Poppy Seeds


First, let’s start with the dressing…

Depending on how many sandwiches you are making, the amounts can drastically differ, so I always do this dressing based on proportions rather than an actual recipe. It’s always 2 parts Dijon mustard to 1 part each of the mayo, honey, and brown sugar. And then sprinkle in as many poppy seeds as your heart desires, and salt and pepper to taste, also if desired. Set the dressing aside and allow the flavors to marry.

Split the bread into 2 equal pieces and liberally spread the homemade honey mustard dressing onto each side.

Add 1 slice of cheese to each bread slice. And then, pile a few thin slices of shaven ham just for good measure, and then put it all together.

I used a 12 slice of Swiss Cheese on each half and 1 full thin, slice of ham on each side.

Then, sandwich it all together!

So very simple, but so very delicious.

I love seeing all those fluffy crowns packed neatly inside the pan, ready to be baked, and, most importantly, enjoyed.

1 pan of these down… only 4 more to go!

Then, cover with a large sheet of aluminum foil, & store in the refrigerator until ready to heat and serve.

When ready to serve, preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Heat the sandwiches, still covered, for 12-15 minutes, or until just toasted and the cheese has melted. I like to uncover mine for just the last 2-3 minutes to ensure the tops get a little toasty as well. But, that’s just me. Then pile them high on a platter so your guests can grab 1 or 2… or even 3.


They are delicious hot and fresh from the oven, or even at room temperature, should they sit out just a bit too.

The most important thing is, the ones you share these little party sandwiches with, and we had such a fun afternoon all together.