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A Baby’s Brewing | A Baby Shower Tea Party

A baby girl is brewing…

And we couldn’t be more thrilled for her late December arrival!

Sweet friend Sarah is pregnant, and it’s a sweet baby girl. My other 2 best friends Sloan and Kacina, have 1 boy and 1 girl, so Sarah broke the tie, at least so far. Reagan is really excited about there being another little girl in our close-knit group.

So, to shower the Mommy-to-be, our girlfriend that loves all things British, we had- what else?– a Baby Shower Tea Party.

Just like any true royal would.

She was Queen for the day, and I think all the royal subjects had as much fun at the shower as we all did planning and hosting it.

We took a traditional approach to shower food and went with classic, British tea party staples, but with a few additions. We are in the Deep South after all and Pimento Cheese tea sandwiches are pretty much a must-have.

Mini quiches, delicious stacked yogurt parfaits with berries and granola, colorful fruit platter, and even some cranberry scones covered the table.

And those parfaits were so fun and very inventive! I loved that they were individual and you could just grab one and walk around and visit with he rest of the party guests.

But, perhaps my favorite part of our buffet was the Biscuit Bar.

Frozen Mary B’s Tea Biscuits were baked to golden perfection, and then cooled, and served alongside some really delicious spreads and fillers like Country Ham, Bacon, Raspberry preserves, and even homemade Cinnamon Butter- my personal fave!

It was such a hit and incredibly easy to assemble. And even easier to eat!

And, we had a lovely tea bar complete with all the fixins you need for a proper spot of tea.

And these sweet blue and white tea cups? They were my Nana’s. And that is what is so special about entertaining. You get to break out all the fancy stuff, much of which is little family heirlooms.

I had such fun setting it all up.

And for the Guest Book? A thoughtful hardback copy of a favorite children’s book, and Sarah can keep it always as a keepsake.

And, of course, no shower would be complete without lots of gifts. And there is nothing that can entertain a room full of women quite like sweet little onesies, bows, and footed pajamas.

But, of course, with any gathering like this, the sweetest moments and the memories you take with you, are the people.

And goodness… do I ever love my people! 

And Sarah is certainly towards the top of that list!

Precious prayers for our sweet baby girl that is soon to arrive! You are so loved already precious one, and your parents are absolute gems!

You’ll love them, just as we do.

May you grow in the admonition and nurture of our Savior and love others selflessly and bring much glory to His kingdom!



Garden of Glass

Dale Chihuly.

Born in 1941 in Tacoma, WA, Dale was first introduced to to glass while studying for his undergrad at the University of Washington. After his graduation in ’65, he enrolled in the very first glass program in the country at the University of Wisconsin. Later, he continued to his studies at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) where he established the glass program and taught there for many years.

His body of work includes more than 200 museum collections worldwide from Jerusalem to London to Chicago to San Francisco to right here in beautiful downtown Seattle. 

His Garden & Glass Exhibit has been a Seattle favorite since mid 2012, and I can honestly tell you it is a “Do Not Miss!” in my opinion.

I was absolutely astounded and in awe at his work.

I walked through the entire exhibit silently, snapping pictures as I went, but also making sure that my eyes had time to take it all in as well. 

Sometimes I think we miss some of life’s profounder moments because we are too busy looking through a viewfinder or watching it through an iPhone.

None of my photos can possibly do these larger-than-life sculptured justice. 

Their play with color and light was nothing short of spectacular!

The photo above is endless ceiling panels. 

It was like walking directly through a rainbow. The colors would dance across your face and clothing and reflected on the concrete floor. 

Above is Dale’s interpretation of the Ocean Floor. Glass anemones and clam shells and sea grasses, and shells dot the sea floor and play with our imaginations.

He also did a series of glass chandeliers, and even ones you can purchase for your home!

Not sure this would fit anywhere in my little town-home. But, it’s fun to dream!

And my favorite part of the exhibit, the Glass House… 

A high-ceiling, glass “Hot House” where larger-than-life flowers bloom and tower overhead. A wonderful exercise for the imagination, and a room I could have sat in for hours.

I left inspired and once again in awe of the gifts the Giver gives, and He definitely gave Dale Chihuly a double-dose!

I hope this post and Dale’s incredible work inspires you to embrace your God-given gifts and talents and find a way to use them for His glory!