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Summer Straw

There are few things that scream “summer” more than a straw bag, tote, or hat. They truly are the quintessential summer accessory.

As a child, I remember Nana sitting underneath a shade tree or large market umbrella in a chic black, one piece swimsuit, strappy sandals, and a big straw hat with a fuchsia scar tied around. In my 4 year old eyes, and even still here at 30, she was the epitome of summertime elegance.

red orange off the shoulder midi dress, square silk neck scarf, wide brim straw sun hat with black lattice lace detail // classic beach style

And in so many ways, I still copy her effortless style now.

Straw bags, round bags, summer bags

Well, summertime straw-fashioned accessories have gone absolutely nowhere, but instead, have gained some steam since the late 80s. You can find updated classics in almost any department store and peppered on the pages of your favorite fashion mags.

straw clutch + Hawaiian print pants

Just lovely!

So, here are a few of my favorite summertime straw accessories, and more importantly, where to find them!

This Classic Straw Circle Tote is the perfect grab-n-go bag for all summer: to the beach, to brunch with girlfriends, to the farmer’s market, with your favorite maxi dress for church or a garden party. Perfect for all occasions.

Classic Straw Circle Tote Bag

And my word! Don’t you just love that simple silk scarf tied on? Yes puh-lease!

THE hat that gives me such memories of Nana…

product photo

By designer Eugenia Kim, the Emmanuelle Straw Hat in Natural & Black from Banana Republic

Want a similar look, but with a lighter price tag? Try the Genie, also by Eugenia Kim for Banana Republic. Gives you that same classic black and natural combination with just the right amount of flair!

product photo

Women’s Circle Straw Crossbody Bag, from JCrew

women's circle straw crossbody bag - women's bags

Oh, what’s not to love about this lovely?

women's circle straw crossbody bag - women's bags

Comes in a variety of colors and it really is the perfect summertime bag for all your essentials- cell phone, car keys, sunglasses, and you are off!

Packable Straw Hat in Black & Ivory, from JCrew

women's packable straw hat - women's accessories

Made of ultra-durable paper straw, this hat easily packs away into your beach tote or overnight bag and then regains its shape after it emerges. Has a nice wide brim

And, there is one more eye-catching straw accessory in that photo above…

Raffia flower earrings

These dazzling Raffia Flower Earrings are an unexpected twist to traditional tasseled earrings, and are now 50% off!

And for a swoon-worthy investment piece that you’ll love to pull out summer after summer…

Structured Straw Wristlet

This Structured Straw Wristlet with black piping is just delicious, modern, quirky, and timeless all wrapped up into one!

Because a leather-handled, straw French Market basket is impossible to beat…

And, finally, in my humble opinion, the sweetest straw beach bag.

The Medium Camryn Tote. Sturdy handle, flat bottom, and high sides for plenty of storage. Would easily hold an extra towel, a good book, some sunblock, and chapstick with great ease!

And I just love the weave and the delicate sky-blue tassel!

So, there you have it, a quick listing of all my favorite summertime straw accessories! Hoping your summer is full of bright and shiny days surrounded by the ones that you love!




In 1960, Truett Cathy’s (founder of Chick-fil-A) restaurant, the Dwarf House in Forest Park, GA, burned to the ground overnight.

Truett was quoted later saying, “You never pick a time for a fire, but fires will come.”

And isn’t that incredibly true of life? Fires will come and go. And come again. And rarely, or never, are we prepared for it.

These fire experiences are purifying and will reveal our greater character, if we let it. God will ultimately use the purifying flames for His greater good and towards His ultimate plan.

And in truth, I have just passed through one of life’s greatest fires. The loss of a close loved one.

I have been slow in writing and slow in returning to this blog because, quite honestly, I haven’t been compelled to write. At least not for anyone but myself. In truth, I have had my heart broken and the words just simply wouldn’t come.Only recently I have felt compelled to put words to page. Or I guess in my case, fingers to the keyboard.

My sweet DatDat went to be with Jesus on May 4th.

It was sudden, and in so many ways, so completely unexpected.

He was my namesake, my person, my friend, and a confidante. I believe even if he wasn’t my granddad, the Lord would have let me meet him anyways as we were such a pair who didn’t even have to speak fully in order to be understood by the other.

And while our hearts have been broken, we have chosen not to be sad, but instead to be truly grateful. That he was ours, and we were his. And that He sought fit to bring Him home and now He is whole and healed in the presence of His Savior. And when you remind yourself of those truths, you cannot be sad. For He is good in all seasons.

And so, I wanted to share my heart with you, as I always have. And this season is no exception.

What I can tell you is that this season has been extraordinary. I have never felt the presence of the Lord more keenly than in these last 6 weeks.

I can tell you that His grace is totally and completely sufficient. WOW! I can’t get over his lavish abundance of grace- it gets heaped back on top of my head with each new day.

I can tell you that instead of crying, we sang praise and worship the entire morning that we readied for his celebration of life service. In truth, it was the ONE things that kept us all sane, focused, and aided us in putting on makeup and not losing the mascara before it was even applied.

I can tell you that nights are hard, but joy comes in the morning. Each day is new and fresh.

I can tell you that people will come out of the wood-works to love on you, to serve you and your family during this time. And you will let them, and you will feel blessed and cared for like never before. You just have to let them. I saw Jesus in the hands and feet of those around me here at home, at work, via emails and texts and phone calls, and in the words of my Pastor at the service.

I can tell you that I have a greater sense of urgency. To live. To do. To be. To go. To call. Don’t put things off if you can help it.

I can tell you that the smallest things are the most meaningful. Hang on to small tokens from those you love. I found an old birthday card he gave me last year with Cinderella on the front. Even though it was my 30th, I love the fact that he still gave me a Disney card, more than likely meant for an 8 or 9 year old, but it suits me just perfectly. I open it up sometimes when I want to hold something he held and see his handwriting.

I can tell you that tears will come, and frequently. And when they do?  Let them. They are incredibly healing, restorative in a strange way, and I have stopped apologizing for them. Even when they come at inopportune times. And they’ll do that too. I can remember always apologizing a few years ago after my Nana and Pa passed away within 6 months of each other, and now almost 3 years later, I don’t want to apologize for them anymore. We love them hard, and we miss them hard. And that’s just the way that it is.

I can tell you that I now close every single conversation with friends and family with “I love you”, because who wouldn’t want those to be the last words you heard from someone, or that they heard from you? And I am glad to say that that is the last phrase Mom or I heard exit his lips before he entered eternity. And I can tell you, that is an incredible gift to give someone.

I can tell you that He is the giver of all good and perfect things! And those gifts are everywhere and in everything. Just pay a bit more attention and you will find them. And when you do, laugh a little!

I can tell you that yes, fires do come, there is certainly no prevention for it. But when they do, let them refine you, allow yourself to learn from them, and then, be sure to share those learnings, that wisdom, and those experiences with those around you… I can tell you, you won’t regret it if you do.

So, for those going through a fire, in the midst of a fire, or about to go into one, I can tell you that He is sufficient. He walks through it with you and ensures you come out the other side, maybe a tad singed, but refined by His grace and glory.

I’ll be praying for you, and I continue to ask for your prayers as well…