Baker’s Essentials + Giveaway #2

First things first…

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Congratulations Elizabeth! Email me at astillmagnoliablog@gmail.com to claim your prize! Please provide your best address in that email and I will get your prize right to you! Thank you for reading!

Now, onto even bigger and better things…

Every good baker has a few items they swear by.

I am no exception.

When in the kitchen baking {my first love}, there is always a couple of items I never have far away:

  • An adorable apron for A) It’s the ultimate in chic kitchen-fashion and B) Keeping me and my ensemble mess and smudge-free
  • My favorite Sur la Table Spoonula– a delightful cross-breed of spoon and spatula. I use this tool for sweet & savory dishes alike.
  • Pampered Chef glass Batter bowl set
  • Metal Whisk
  • Microplane for easy zesting
  • Parchment paper
  • Half-sheet pans {at least 2}
  • Pure Madagascar Vanilla Extract {nothing else will do}
  • A fool-proof recipe. Baking is a science. Never “wing-it!”

These essentials of mine are the inspiration for Giveaway #2, to you, my sweet friends, confidantes, bakers, and readers.


Included in Giveaway:

  • Adorable Apron
  • 1 Lime-green Sur la Table rubber Spoonula
  • 2 packages of mini-loaf decorative recycled paper liners
  • A bottle of my favorite Pure Vanilla Extract by Neilsen Massey from Williams Sonoma
  • Bonus Item: some of my recipe cards filled with some of my fool-proof recipes to try. You won’t be disappointed!


I mean honestly… is this not the cutest apron? Do you see the little beaded rosettes? Hand-sewn from one of my favorite shops in Asheville, NC. I have one in green… hope you love this lovely sky blue gingham! 

I sure do!


You won’t believe the difference this vanilla makes in your baked goods. Just trust me. You will never buy another vanilla extract again.

Don’t even think about the brands you buy on the Kroger baking aisle… oh the blasphemy!

photo (5)

Delicious recipes straight from my recipe box to yours! Enjoy…

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2. In the comments section below this post, tell me about one of your fool-proof baking recipes. Is it one you make over and over? Is it the dish everyone expects when you show up at a covered-dish potluck dinner?

3, Additional entries can be earned by commenting on the Facebook page or for sharing on any form of social media. Simply tell me about it below in the comments section- “Share on Twitter” or “Posted to my Facebook page” for one additional entry.

I will announce the winners next Friday January 31st. 1 week to enter!

Good luck!

Have a great weeeknd…



15 thoughts on “Baker’s Essentials + Giveaway #2

  1. Carla S

    One foolproof baking recipe I have is my old fashioned gingerbread recipe.It’s never dry because I add vegetable oil and it always comes out perfect.I modified the original recipe and doubled the amount of spices it originally called for.People sometimes expect me to bring it, but I rotate it with other stuff,so it depends.

    1. Jamie Post author

      Carla, I love a good gingerbread recipe, especially this time of year, nut really, Icould easily be coerced to eat it any time I please. 🙂

    1. Jamie Post author

      My coworkers beg me all the time for homemade banana bread. I guess I will have to hear about this fool-proof and forgiving recipe. 🙂

  2. Kai

    My go-to is a super simple, 5-ingredient berry cobbler. Ridiculously simple and ridiculously good!
    P.S.: I subscribe to you on friendly! Does that count?

  3. Debbie W.

    I love to bake! It is so much more fun for me than cooking meals. I have had fun baking during our snow days this week:) (Muffins, cookies….) My favorite go-to recipe is for Hershey Syrup cake. It is not difficult to make, the ingredients are almost always in my pantry and it is delicious! It is very moist and stays that way for many days (if it lasts that long).

    1. Jamie Post author

      Ina Garten makes chocolate cucakes with a whole can of Hershey’s syrup and it makes it super moist and really chocolatey. Sounds delicious!
      And yes… we had a few extra God-given baking days haven’t we? Gotta help with the cabin fever. 🙂

  4. Kim

    Hey Jamie!
    I could use a new apron to wear when fixing Mr Wes his gourmet meals….let’s see this cold morning it was home-made biscuits and sausage gravey!

    1. Jamie Post author

      Oh my… well, I have it on good authority that your biscuits are amazing! Gonna have to get a lesson. Never have mastered that Southern art of buscuit-making.

  5. Renea

    My go-to dessert is always homemade pound cake. It has never failed me! It’s perfect with fresh summer fruit on top–peaches and strawberries are my favorites. For a little extra treat, I frost it with my Granny’s chocolate frosting recipe. So good!

    1. Jamie Post author

      Recipes from our grandmothers always make anything better don’t they? I am partial to pound cake as well. Don’t know anyone who doesn’t love it!
      Thanks Renea!


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