Throwing an Engagement Party

Sweet roomie Katie is getting married!!!



And I couldn’t be more thrilled for this next chapter of her life with her love, Bill. They are such a sweet couple that have dedicated their relationship in service to the Lord and we wanted to celebrate them well during this season!

What I served:

  • Cheese Board
  • Creamy Herb Dip with fresh veggies
  • Chick-fil-A Chicken Nuggets, assorted dipping sauces
  • Assorted store-bought cupcakes… {just wait til you see these beauties}
  • Champagne, Fruited Water, and lemonade

The secret to this menu was selecting items that could be-

a) served at room temperature

b) many of the recipes could be made ahead & stored until party time

c) were primarily store-bought and could be assembled and presented as if it was homemade. Listen… No one has more fun just because you made everything!

d) ensure there was something for everyone

And, with this menu, I think we achieved that! And it was tasty, minimal stress, and easy to prepare & present. And all the guests left no longer hungry.

Engagement Party 043

Engagement Party 044

Engagement Party 047

Engagement Party 036

So, here was my Game Plan:

*Always, always, for any kind of a gather or get-together, lay out a game plan; a timeline to ensure that not only does everything get done, but you actually have given yourself enough time to get it done!

  • 2-3 weeks ahead of the party, send the E-vite to the guests, ask for RSVP or Regrets Only so you know how many to plan for.
  •  3 days ahead of party. Shop time! Go ahead and wash the veggies before storing them. Keep the cheeses in their original packaging and place in refrigerator. Do not wash the fruit you plan to serve until day of party.
  •  2 days ahead of party. Set out plates, cups, glasses, and serving pieces. Visually see how you will present the food on party day. {this is always the step in the process that gets me the most excited about hosting}
  • 1 day ahead of party. Make the Creamy Herb dip and slice/prep the veggie dippers. Chill down the drinks and pick up the Party trays that you have ordered, which in my case was chicken and cupcakes… 2 main food groups.
  • Day of party. It’s go time! Make sure drinks are perfectly chilled. Assemble the cheese board, allowing the cheeses and salami to come to room temperature, reheat the chicken nuggets so they will be nice and warm at start of party, and set all the other items out including herb dip and veggies along with the cupcakes. Allow to sit at room temperature about 30 minutes prior to first guest arriving. That way, if you have any early arrivals (and you always will), you won’t be scrambling around at the last minute as they look on. I want my guests to think I am calm, cool, and collected, and as a result, they settle in and have more fun.

Engagement Party 065

Engagement Party 070

Engagement Party 068

Engagement Party 073

Engagement Party 063

Engagement Party 057

Engagement Party 081

Engagement Party 079

Engagement Party 066

In the way of decorations, I really didn’t do that much since our apartment is rather cozy and we were expecting lots of our friends and family in attendance.

I did do one large, but simple & understated flower arrangement in center of the food table.It was a grouping of 3 pots of white orchids with gold & white polka dot tissue paper wedged in between to keep the pots covered, but also to add a little flair!

Engagement Party 035

Engagement Party 042

I think they turned out pretty well.

And there were a few other subtle details too…

Engagement Party 033

Happy Engagement Katie & Bill, but even more importantly, many, many blessings to you as you begin your lives together. May it always bring honor & glory to your Savior, Jesus!

Engagement Party 049

We love you!



One thought on “Throwing an Engagement Party

  1. Katie Harris

    Such a beautiful party & hostess 😉 Everyone can take notes from Miss Jamie. Thanks for sharing your gifts with so many this weekend & for celebrating with us in this way. Everyone…these are perfect tips for the next time your throw a get together! Love you Jamie!


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