Living Room Reveal

This room is the room I live in.

It’s the room where friends and family gather around the coffee table. Swap stories. Enjoy a cup of coffee. Participate in undeniably contagious laughter.

It’s where epic, solo Netflix marathons go down.

It’s home to new pieces of furniture, old pieces of furniture, family heirlooms, hand-me-downs, a Smart TV (eventually if I ever figure out how to mount it to the wall properly), unique pieces of art, and even my collection of Broadway Musical Play bills! I mean, some people place plates on plate-stands on shelves, but me?!?… I prop playbills.

It’s my house and it’s my prerogative.

This room is perfectly eclectic, perfectly functional, and perfectly me!

{View from my front door looking in…}

{View looking in from my Dining Room, at the opposite end of the living room…}

Upon first walk-through, my new neighbor said “It doesn’t really match, but everything somehow goes!” And the more I thought about the comment, the more I thought that I couldn’t agree with them more! And I decided to take that as a high compliment.

Room Basics…

Sofa: Manchester Sofa from Ballard Designs, comes in a variety of colors and finishes. Mine is a deep shade of Blue Velvet called “Ink.”

Throw Pillows: Eden Pillows  by Ballard Designs in Animal Print/Gray & Lavender

Large White Arm Chair: Toulon Chair by Ballard Designs, also comes with available ottoman (which I am currently saving for) in Rubbed White with Blanc cushions.

Lamps: Assorted, from TJ Maxx HomeGoods

Sometimes your favorite part of certain rooms turns out to be something you never, ever planned.

I bought this piece from the Ballard Outlet several months ago thinking I would mount it to the wall in my dining room and use it as a China Cabinet and proudly display some of Nana’s Blue Willow dish collection. But, this piece had another purpose… as an Entertainment Center!

And I think it’s just fabulous!

The artwork over the sofa is the main statement in the room and it’s an eye-catcher made even bolder by hanging it from black gross-grain ribbon. Not an idea that I can take credit for, but I think it looks great and covers even more the wall.

In art, like a great pair of earrings, the bigger, the better. At least for me anyway.

Different pieces speak of different parts of my life. Adventures. Trips. Memories.

For instance, that glass hurricane full of shells are shells that my family members and I collected on the shores of Ormond Beach, FL, my DatDat and Nana’s longtime 2nd home. I literally grew up on that beach and my childhood summers were spent almost entirely on its shores.

And that white chair? It’s where I live. Sit and read and think and write and call my girlfriends. I love that cozy little white chair. Chances are, when yous visit, you will find me there.

This picture was taken this past Saturday morning curled up in it for some quiet time with my hot tea. Furry slippers not too far away!

This little corner is the home to a few great artifacts as well. A signed oil painting I purchased on the streets of Venice, Italy when I was 17 years old. The trip was my High School graduation celebration and it contains some of our most treasured family memories- just the 3 of us exploring some of the most beautiful and breathtaking parts of God’s creation.

I absolutely love the painting and transports me back to Venice’s sights and sounds each time I glance its way.

And that blue and white ginger jar that you spy? It was my Nana’s and it sat high on a bookshelf to the right of the Encyclopedia Brittanica volumes off their living area. I have always loved it and mentioned to Mom that I wanted to pepper in more colors into my living space- specifically white and blue- and she came up with this treasure.

It is one of my single favorite accents in the room.

And speaking of accents and flourishes…Did you also spy these antique corbels?

These were a Scott’s Antique Market find and were pulled from an old historical mansion, now sadly in ruins, from Eufala, AL.Now, they have a new home! And they are such a conversation starter and attention-getter. Inevitably, someone always asks about them.

So, there you have it, another room revealed. It’s really all coming together and it really, really feels like home.



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