Keep Calm and Read On.

In recent weeks, I have a part of a bit more latent, participating in foot-propped type activities as I tore a tendon in my left foot several weeks back.  Now, I presently find myself outside of the boot and healing nicely. But, with that being said, I have been a reading fool of late, maybe even more so than usual. There has been some good ones too! Ones I knew I wanted to share with you!

I have been on a bit of a Dan Brown kick as of late, reading 2 of his books just a few weeks apart. All I can say is, you gotta love Professor Robert Langdon. He is a remarkable character, an incredible intellect, and most of all a hero always coming through and solving the query just in the knick of time. Gotta love fiction!

First, The Lost Symbol transports us to America’s capital city, Washington DC for a riveting look into a hidden world of Masonic mystery and lore.

And then Inferno. Dan Brown’s best novel since Angels and Demons, one of my personal all-time favorites. Langdon must fight the clock before a pandemic so great devastates the world’s population.

I kid you not, I keep recommending this book to everyone in my life that is a reader. It was such a page turner!

And then I found You by Patti Callahan Henry was a special read that I found on the local authors table on Hilton Head Island, SC. The novel’s heronie is Kate, a young women engaged to a great man, with a thriving business under her belt, and a secret tucked away for many years. When it is time to face the music, to face the truth, can she travel back to where it all began? Face her past? Face her first love in order to move on? A sweet and heart-felt story of facing your past and living in your present.

A Most Peculiar Circumstance by Jen Turano is the sequel to a book I had read this time last year-  A Change of Fortune. This 2nd installment returns us to the Beckett household. Miss Arabella Beckett is a defender of the down-trodden and women everywhere in less than desirable circumstances. She personally takes it upon herself to rescue them from their plight. So, when older brothers hire a Private Detective to tail and protect Arabella, sparks fly!  

There are books that we tend to turn to over and over, for me there are a few and Pretense is one of them. The story of the Bishop sisters- 2 sisters as different as sisters can be, but inextricably linked through life’s struggles and events. This is a book that will speak to your heart as it does to mine each and every time I crack its binding. It is a story of family, faith, and the inexplicable hold God has on His children.


Next on the list was our October book club read, Where’s You go Bernadette? by Maria Semple. I have heard nothing but rave reviews and that the book is filled with laugh-out-loud, pee-in-your-pants moments. I need more of those in my life. Don’t you?

 And I agree, it was funny and very different than I thought it was going to be. It was one of those books that as you are reading, you keep saying to yourself “I don’t even know why I like this book”, but you continue to flip the pages over and over again. I am not sure why that happens, but this books was that way for me.

And, what is on my night stand now you may ask? The House Girl by Tara Conklin. Only a few chapters in, but very interesting. It somehow ties a young African American house girl from a tobacco farm in Virginia to a young and determined woman living and working in modern-day New York as a junior associate in a big law firm. Josephine and Lina (short for Carolina) split the narration in this interesting historical fiction novel.

So, there you go…

What are you reading?

Because the holidays are coming and there is only so much family time you can stand before you occasionally escape into your quiet place with a book and coffee mug in tow.  Am I right?

Just kidding.

But really, I’m not. 🙂

Love to you all and happy reading!


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