My Favorite Posts of the year!

Looking back and reflecting on the year is always on people’s minds this time of year, and I feel like a year’s accomplishments, trials, heartaches, and victories deserve to be commemorated.

I was looking back over the evolution of my blog posts this year and saw a vein of commonality, a theme if you will. And it was a simple one. Trust. I said the theme was simple, but not that the act of doing so was!

As I reflect on 2016, I see a heart torn bare by life’s trials and these long periods of wait and I see a heart that is often frustrated, sometimes envious, and quite honestly very lonely. But, I also know that it is resilient, steadfast, hopeful, and enlivened by the possibilities and the reality of the “wait” that He has before me. His only desire for me is to let go, trust, and keep leaning in. Further and further.

Would you allow me to share some of my favorite posts of the year with you?!? I have also linked back to the original post as well just in case you missed it!


There is nothing quite like that moment, when even while you are surrounded by others in a group setting, you feel utterly and terribly alone.
The chatter around you reaches almost uncomfortable levels. All around you, enveloping you.
You sit at the table with your name on a place card almost as a derelict reminder- “Hi there! … you belong here!” It feels as if you are being mocked.
Many thoughts race through your mind at this moment, as the chatter closes in around you, and you have the sinking feeling that you’d rather be anywhere but here in this moment… 

Writing this post and being gut-wrenchingly raw and honest was a balm for my spirit and the outpouring that this created was only something God could have orchestrated.

Writing that post (it took weeks for me to finally press the “Publish” button) and the journey He had me on at that time, revealed 3 Simple Truths that I want to blanket my life with, now and forever…

  1. God is good.
  2. God is good to me.
  3. I trust God to be God. In all things, and in all situations.

Digging Up. 

Discovering the spiritual farmer in all of us, embedded in the fields of our hearts and faith walks, are we digging or reaping?

Are we allowing doubt to uproot our faith?

Boy, this post convicted me. I knew I had to write it out.

Closed-Fisted or Palms Open

In what areas of my life am I still choosing to live closed fisted when I should be living with palms open ready to receive? ready to give? ready to share? ready to be poured out and used?
What are those areas of my life that I have held so closely, that I have clenched so tightly, simply because I am afraid they will not be granted?
Have I failed to receive His blessings in all areas of my life because I have chosen to hold it too close fearing He would not grant it?
Is He not a good Father who has my best interest at heart?
Would He withhold any good thing from me?
Has He not already provided for every need? … 

This became somewhat of an anthem or an outcry for me in 2016. And a battle that I am still fighting daily to leave with palms wide open to receive, no longer holding back what was already His to begin with.

He is the giver of all good things.

Snow and Rain 

I sat there spell-bound after a reading of Job chapter 2, soaking in the imagery of snow and rain. The writing of “Snow and Rain” was a search for that one thing that every one was created to do. That one thing that is so uniquely you, that you cannot help but share it.

The snow is only meant for, created for, and commanded to fall.

So, it falls.

I was only meant for, created for, and commanded to be exactly who I am.

You were only meant for, created for, and commanded to be exactly who you are.

So, be.

And, of course, I couldn’t let this be my “Favorite Posts” Post without at least sharing some of my favorite recipes of the year with you either!

The best things I made in 2016 without a doubt have to be:






Engagement Party 047

It certainly was a delicious year! In more ways than one…

So, I hope you enjoyed this little look back as much as I did!

Now, let’s turn the page to 2017… I hope you stay right here with me for a while!



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