Home….Where my Heart lives.

So, the big news it out! … I am officially a home-owner!!!



{I am going to pause just one moment here… Look at my Mom, “proud as punch” … Me, with my mountain of signed closing documents and her graciously accepting purple tulips from our sweet Real Estate Agent. I told her with that leg popped out, she looks like she was accepting an award at a pageant.}

All joking aside, this was a precious, precious moment. And one of great relief, happiness, and gratitude that will stay with me for a long, long time.

I closed on this little beauty yesterday.


That title of “home-owner” is even crazier to type than it is to say out loud. I can hardly even believe it and am overjoyed, thrilled, excited, nervous, scared, timid, and amazed all at one time.

Know the feeling?!?

So, join me over these next several months (or years if I am being honest) as I share DIY projects, decorating tips, before-and-afters (of which there will be many), recipes to make, and parties to host all in my new home.


My own little slice of Georgian, townhouse heaven.

God is good!



2 thoughts on “Home….Where my Heart lives.

    1. Jamie Post author

      That you were, Debbie Lynn. That you were! It was a proud and humbling moment for me too. Glad you were there to share in it with me! Now we celebrate this weekend before the hard/fun work begins.


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