A Letter for Reagan

My beautiful, precious best friend is pregnant.


I know you are supposed to say that motherhood makes them “glow”, but this mommy-to-be always has been beautiful inside and out and pregnancy only enhances it even more!

She’s the first of my close, tight-knit group of friends to marry and have a baby. We are so excited!

girls 2

The baby is due in just a few short weeks and all the pent-up excitement, the nerves, and all the uncertainties that come with raising a child are starting to set in.

We had a baby shower this past weekend to celebrate the arrival of sweet baby Reagan & we just had the best time.

shower 2


girls 4


It was thrown by a group of women at the mommy-to-be’s home church and it was just lovely. A perfect crisp fall day in Athens, GA.

girls 8

mom and me

(Sigh) … Who wouldn’t love that?!?

So, anyways, all the “baby talk” got me to thinking. And normally when I start thinking, I quickly start writing. And I wrote a letter to Reagan, and all other sweet girls like her.

But truthfully, it’s a letter to my former-self really. All the things I wish I would have known, that I wish I would have been told more, reminded of. It’s a letter of love, encouragement, hope, and of how amazing the journey is ahead if your life remains in the center of His will & plan.

And it makes me wonder if this message isn’t for all of us? Whether a tiny baby, 15, 27, 42, or 65 years old?!?

Maybe you need to hear this today.

I know I needed to write it.


Dear Reagan,

I have often thought about putting pen to paper and writing to you, after all, it’s how your mommy told me she was pregnant with you! I would start writing and then stop. Come back to it a few days later and continue, but somehow the words I wanted to share came out jumbled, disjointed, and uninspiring. But, I knew I had something to say, something to share with you. 

There is nothing special about this letter, or about these words, and there certainly isn’t anything special about your Aunt Jamie, but there is something incredibly special about the message these words convey.

First of all, a promise. 

God loves you unconditionally.

I know it is hard for you to understand unconditional love yet, but you will. It is how your mommy and daddy will love you- wholly, completely, unapologetically, unequivocally. Nothing you could say or do could separate you from their love. It’s consuming. And as much as they love you, and they do, He loves you even more. Even more than you can possibly ever imagine! Farther than your feet could ever walk and farther than your mind could ever wander. 

And that kind of love, His favor, and merit is lavished upon you from birth, from your very infancy. He knit you together. You were wonderfully, fearfully, and intricately made. He knows every curl of your hair, the length of your eyelashes, what your favorite food will be, and even what color you will paint your fingernails one day. 

You are beautiful.

He created you to be.

And because of that love, and that beauty, and His amazing work within you, His light should be so evident inside you that it shines out and touches those around you.

Let them see it! Let them see Him in you! Don’t be afraid! 

And because of that, dear one, because of that great light, all the other opinions, thoughts, harmful attacks, and words of others cannot touch you. Now, they will hurt. Oh yes, I know they hurt. I spent many years carrying them around and I let them define me. I let them. Because of another’s opinion, I devalued my worth.

Don’t make the same mistake.

Don’t let them stick.

The more you trust in His love and in His plan, the less you care about men’s applause & their favor. It will be empty compared to His great blessings. That’s how you will know you are living in His perfect will and plan for your life.

It’s the safest and most amazing place to be.It’s what I hope for you. 

God loves you.

He thinks you are so very special.

And so do I.


Your Aunt Jamie


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