We all do it.

Consciously or unconsciously.

All day every day we compare ourselves, our looks, our talents, our strengths, and our weaknesses to others. And we think, if only… or I wish…

That thought process, that constant comparison to another, I have learned, is the ultimate thief of joy. You are stealing your own joy, your own happiness, your celebrations of yourself, your uniquness, your victories, and your accomplishments!

You are putting yourself at a disadvantage.


Galatians 6:4 “Let everyone be sure to do his very best, for then he will have the personal satisfaction of work done well and won’t need to compare himself with someone else.”


As a young girl, I spent so much of my adolescence trying to impress others, trying to be like others around me, trying to be popular, well-liked, and someone that people wanted to be around. Someone that people wanted to emulate. Someone that people compared themselves to. And one day it dawned on me, this, these actions and rituals I was putting myself through was utterly exhausting. And guess what?!? This whole “road to self-discovery” that you are on throughout these formative years… I hadn’t been on it! I couldn’t love myself because I didn’t really know myself. I was too busy trying to be this. Trying to look like that. Comparing myself constantly to those around me and measuring myself against this arbitrary yardstick that no matter how I tried,  I could never measure up to.

What a tremendous waste of my time & energies. But, that was a tremendous lesson. And those lessons learned in middle school and high school are lessons I carried with me to college and into young adulthood and eventually into womahood now in the working world. Now, at 26, I can honeslty say I know me, in and out, the good and the bad, and the beautiful and the ugly, and I not only love myself, but respect myself as well.

Now, I am not living under a rock. I am sinful. I, very often, think the wrong things, say the wrong things, and miss opportunities to be a light for Him. Of course I look around and those “if only” thoughts of comparison sneak back in. And, they steal a piece of me away. Of course, I can always find someone who is thinner, more athletic, more outgoing, more attractive, more intelligent, etc. There will always be someone to compare yourself to. Always. But, the Lord does not put them in our path to discourage us, but so we can be an encouragement to them.

Rick Warren says, “you can’t be happy and envious at the same time.” And that is what it all comes down to, isn’t it? Envy. Jealousy.

And why should we be envious? We have been fearfully and wonderfully made; uniquely made. There never has been, nor will there ever be, another you or another me!  The Lord thought so highly of me that He created me totally and completely different than anyone else on this entire earth! {And He has created a whole lotta somebodys.} What an enormous task He had to create us all! Lovingly. Attentively. Pain-stakingly. We were created.

One of my girlfriends shared one of her devotions with me and it was on the topic of paying yourself compliments and praising God for how He had created you. The devotion challenged her to take 5 minutes that day and to call to mind everything that she knew to be true of herself, her uniqueness. It is a time for you to recall your silly sense of humor, your love of crafting, or how you would spend all your time outside if allowed, or maybe it’s the way your hair bends and twists into intricate curls… whatever it is! Call it to mind! Resist the constant temptation to scrutinize or recall things you don’t like about yourself and simply honor Him with your gratitude.

Can you imagine how different we would view ourselves if we did this every day?

Can you imagine how our attitudes would change?

Would it, perhaps, help us to more see ourselves like He sees us?

I want to celebrate!!!

Don’t compare… don’t be the thief of your own joy. There will always be comparisons the enemy wants to put in your path, always be others you envy, things you covet, but He celebrates in you! So, celebrate yourself, love yourself, and be the very best self that you can be! He created you for it!


“Girls RIVAL each other.

Women REVIVE each other.

Girls EMPALE each other.

Women EMPOWER each other.

Girls COMPARE each other.

Women CHAMPION each other. ” — Ann Voskamp  



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2 thoughts on “Comparison

  1. Kacina

    Love this!! It is definitely something we have to remember every single day and it is a battle for the rest of our lives. The battle will only be harder as the world becomes more agressive. The more we put our hope and faith in Him the more strength we will have to fight this battle. I feel the need to say “you go girl!!” 🙂


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