What is it that you don’t have enough of?

Enough time?

Enough energy?

Enough patience?

Enough money?

Enough intelligence?

Why do we feel we don’t have enough? That we don’t have all of what we need?

Hasn’t He already proven to us that we have all we need? That we have enough? That we are enough?

We should be able to trust Him by now. So, why don’t we?

This is the promise He makes.

Psalms 84:11- “For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor. No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly.” 

No good thing does He withhold.

In the Message translation it reads, All sunshine and sovereign is God,generous in gifts and glory. He doesn’t scrimp with his traveling companions. It’s smooth sailing all the way with God-of-the-Angel-Armies.” 

I love that! He is generous is His gifts & glory. He doesn’t scrimp… no, no. He is good and we must trust that what He gives us is good. Good enough.

I can think of so many examples from Scripture. The Lord recalls them to my mind when I look at what I am holding and wonder, ‘is it enough?’

Moses left the high and worry-free life as a Prince of Egypt, fled to the countryside, and tended sheep. One day, God spoke to Him from a burning bush and commanded Him to set the Israelites free from bondage.

Didn’t the Lord know Moses had a speech impediment?

Yes, but Moses was enough. He had enough. He had all he needed to do God’s bidding….

Gideon’s army was outnumbered and out-manned 4 to 1. And still the Lord told Him he had too many and therefore, the enemy would not be handed over to Him. So, Gideon cut the thousands to a mere 300 soldiers, and it was at that point God said,”Now, you are ready!”

300? Really God? The enemy of Midian was said to have been so vast that they could not even be counted. You expect me to believe that 300 men defeated an enemy that vast?

Yes. And He will do the same with the 300 of your life. That pittance you feel is not enough, or isn’t worth it….

Abraham and Sarah were promised to be the father and mother of a great nation! A whole tribe of people. And yet, they were barren and their age was fighting against them. And still, miraculously, Sarah gave birth to Isaac at the age of 90.

The Lord’s promise was fulfilled.

She had all she needed. And despite her disbelief, the Lord saw fit to bless her and Isaac’s seed became a great nation. Their faith and hope in the Lord’s provision was enough….

You know, as a child, I never questioned my parent’s provision for me. I knew if I had a party at school, Mom had cookies in hand ready to be delivered. I knew if tuition was due, Dad had already cut the check providing for my education. I knew if I was hungry, Mom would feed me. If I had a meet or event, I knew they were looking on from the gallery or bleachers, supporting me.

All my needs, and indeed most of my wants, were fulfilled.

You know why? Because they were good parents.

And He, He is the ultimate Daddy. The ultimate parent. And He provides the ultimate provision. NEVER withholding good things.

So, what do you hold? What do you have?

It’s enough because He gave it to you, and His plans are for good, and not for harm. His plans give us hope, a bright future. He has given it because He deems it enough to carry out His will for your life.

Dedicate or rededicate your “enough” to Him today. It will be multiplied and put to good work.

“The LORD will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest.” — Psalms 85:12 


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