She does not fear…




My life paused, I exhaled the breath I had been holding too long & made my way across 3 lanes of traffic to the emergency lane.

I had just gotten rear-ended on my way home from work. I 285 Northbound, 5:00 pm rush hour.

Neither of us were injured, my car shows much less damage that I thought based on the level of impact, and the lady was kind, took full responsibility for the accident, and even hugged me as we left the scene of the accident.

But, in that moment, that moment of crash-boom-bang, all I felt was fear. Immediately following by grace.

Grace for safety.

Grace for another day.

Now, I am elbow deep in insurance paperwork, estimates, rental car info, supplemental forms, etc.

Whew! Car trouble sure is a headache, an inconvenience, and a pain!

And like me, you may be dealing with car trouble, family troubles, financial issues, health trouble, and other things that are far more burdensome than my current situation.

The good news?

God cares about all of our troubles, both big & small.

He wants us to trust Him in all things.

In all things.


Will you trust with me?

Whatever circumstance you find yourself in, whatever news you are waiting on, whatever heartache you are experiencing, will you have no fear and choose to trust that the Lord will care for you and see you through just as He promised in His Word?

He has promised it.

It’s as good as done, if we just trust.

Praying for you sweet one. Until next time,



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