Hustle v. Heart

In this world and time of “I need that now” or “I needed that yesterday”, and faster, better, longer, smarter, technologies. How to streamline a process, how to multitask, layer task by task, then learning to balance, flow, juggle. How to monetize, how to strategize, how to gain more followers, drive bigger crowds, and on and on… And all of this stuff is good.

I get it.

And it’s necessary stuff. It’s the stuff that makes a society or a business or even a home, function properly.

True enough.

But, the hustle is the opposite of heart.

And so often, actually far too often, we get caught in the hustle of day-to-day life. We get lost in the to-dos, and the should-dos, and the will-dos, and we lose sight of us. We lose heart.

Heart is pliable, malleable, silly, and playful, perfectly imperfect, and deeply meaningful.

Heart can be seemingly or even completely unproductive, nonstrategic, unpredictable and wild. Wholly beautiful and completely messy.

Heart is spending your first few moments out of bed, coffee cup in hand and hair not yet even brushed, out on your front porch or in your favorite living room chair reading the Word. Silent devotion and single-mindedness to begin your day.

Heart is sitting on the floor of your kitchen with your 2 year old eating fresh blueberries by the fistful, because simply holding the bowl and sitting at the table all proper-like isn’t as fun as this.

Heart is strumming your fingers on your steering wheel to the beat of the music pumping through your sound system. Even as onlookers gawk and grin.

Heart is holding someone’s hand and taking a stroll around the park so that you can focus on hearing about their day. Every single last detail. Uninhibited.

Heart is dancing in the kitchen while you prepare a meal.

Heart is doing a cartwheel up the hallway, just to see if you “still got it!” (It’s a good practice to satisfy your own curiosity.)

Heart is watching the fireflies dance on these last few days and nights of summer.

Heart is sitting around a table, in a house that is not perfect with hampers still full of dirty underwear, with friends and family who are also imperfect, but sharing a perfect story and laugh. So much laughter. Your heart overflows with gladness and gratitude.

Heart is a tiny thing, but it is to play. To purposefully waste time, if only just for a bit. Intentionally not being intentional about every single second of your day. Having no purpose- on purpose.

Just 3-5 minutes breaks and reminders that in our days, in that hustle, our days are really for learning, loving, laughing, living, and encouraging, not for the pushing, planning, strategy, and the hustle.

That is what makes life move, what makes time pass on and go forward, but our heart is the center of us.

Can we find a way in our busy days to remind us of that simple truth? That it is more important to treasure the heart, than the hustle.

And listen, I am as guilty as anyone. I love the hustle. I thrive on checking off items on my to-do lists and when a coworker comes around my cubicle and asks about a specific task, and I get to say “Already done!”, it’s a wildly satisfying feeling that is hard for me to put into words. Because we, you and I, were made for a mission. And we love those missions. But, my determination, my diligence, that motor that keeps me going from sun up to way-past sundown, that is not the best part of me.

My heart is the best part of me.

My heart is where I am striving to lead from.

Where I want to lean in from.

What could a more soulful way of living look like for you?

What does living and loving and leading from your heart look like? Feel like?

I want to reach out and grasp this type of soul-living. I want to choose Present over Perfection every day.

I want my heart, the very essence of me, to be evident first, and then my head, determination, & skills to follow. I want people to say they “know me” rather than just a standard, “I work with her.”

I want to grasp those tiny moments in my day and hold on to them tightly.

Join me? 



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