Obedience {pt 2}

True obedience requires deliberate and immediate action.

Did you catch that?



It is complete. It is without hesitation, question, or reservation.

Think of Abraham after He received the Lord’s commands to sacrifice His son Isaac on the altar of the Lord. Isaac?!? The long-awaited son that the Lord himself promised? The miracle boy who was to one day lead nations? How could that be? Do you think he wondered if he had heard it wrong, or misunderstood?

You see, when the Lord’s directives are difficult, as Abraham’s most assuredly was, we procrastinate, we put it off, we talk about it, pray about it, rehearse the situation with our friends and family, or worse, we completely ignore it. Adversely, when Abraham received a directive from His God, he acted quickly. Scripture gives us multiple examples of Abraham’s faithfulness.

  • In Genesis ch 12, when God told Abraham to leave his homeland, he “went forth right away”
  • Later in Genesis 15, God told him exactly what sort of offering to make and Abraham “immediately did what he was asked”
  • When Abraham was told to circumcise every male in his household, Genesis 17:23 tells us that it was done “the very same day”
  • And when He was commanded to sacrifice his only son Isaac, he “rose early” the following morning to see that it was done

He rose early to see that it was done. No questioning, no waiting around, no ignoring of God’s directive; he obeyed.

Priscilla shares that she often wonders if that miracle provision of the ram caught in the bush would have been there to provide for Abraham and Isaac if Abraham had delayed. Who knows? Only God. But, we do know this to be true. “…because Abraham obeyed, God’s deliverance was waiting on the moutaintop when he arrived.” (p 189)

How would we live our lives differently if we really, truly, deep-in-our-gut believe that? What would happen if we knew that if we were obedient, His deliverance would be waiting? Would we experience life differently? Would we experience God differently? Faith? Love? Hope? Instead of constantly caving into fear, we would live in the light of the truth that He had supernaturally prepared our deliverance for us in advance. We could respond like young Samuel, “speak Lord, your servant is listening” and we would do it.

Psalms 119:60 reads, “I will hurry, without delay to obey your commands.”

When I read that, I immediately grabbed an index card off the desk and wrote it in bold purple marker. I wanted to commit it to memory, write it on my heart, and believe it. Meditate on it. Live it.

I must obey. Immediately.

“Tomorrow’s obedience is something you should go ahead and decide on today, before the challenge even arises.” (p 192) Later Priscilla expounds, “when you’re staring into the face of what appears to be an unreasonable task, and you’ve not already determined that obedience will be your choice, then you’ll be in a hard position that’s difficult to maneuver and easy to talk yourself out of.”

So true.

Choose obedience.

Choose to experience Him and His purpose for you in a way you felt was unimaginable.

Choose to believe that He has and will supernaturally provide for your needs.

You can choose to obey without faltering or hesitation because God is kind, He is good, He has great purpose for you, and, above all, He loves you.


“The worst thing you can do- the quickest way to become insensitive- is to ignore an impression. You must not allow yourself to hear without responding.”

— Peter Lord




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