If He wanted to, He certainly could.

He doesn’t need or ever would require our help, our support, or our strength in order to accomplish His plans.

But, instead, He wants us to join Him. To be His partners in the new and exciting works He has established. To come alongside Him.

He chooses us.

And that very fact astounds me.

In Scripture, when He parted the Red Sea, He could have done so in His own awesome power. But, He still had His servant, Moses, lift his arm, hold out his staff, and raise his hands as he called for a great miracle. And the water became a wall on either side of a large tunnel and the Israelites passed through on dry land. He could have easily slain all of Pharaoh’s army, but instead, taught His chosen people an important lesson in faith.

He did not view the Walls of Jericho as the seemingly unscalable fortress they appeared. They could easily have been swept away as chaff in the wind with a simple blow from His mouth or wave of His hand. Joshua, his armies, and the musicians were simply invited props into His overall great purpose. And they encountered His Spirit as they marched those 7 days.

In the New Testament, when our doubting Peter began to walk on water towards Jesus, God could have turned the wild waves beneath Peter’s feet into hard rock, couldn’t He? But instead, the waves remained rocky and a miracle was performed to boost the faith and trust in one of Christ’s most loyal followers.

He can easily wield power over the natural… He created it all after all! But we are invited in in order for us to more fully grasp His awesome power. He allows us to partner with Him so we can experience Him, and know Him more fully, more completely. To experience, to taste, and to see His mighty works, and worship Him!

“Great and marvelous are your deeds, Lord God Almighty. Just and true are all your ways, King of the Nations,” — Revelation 15:3 



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