Screaming Truth.

At church on Sunday, we sang a familiar song, “We are the Sons & Daughters of God”. One of those songs that I could close my eyes and sing every lyric without reminder on the jumbotron. And that’s exactly what I did, until we sang this verse…

When lies speak louder than the truth, Remind me that I BELONG to you!” 

My eyes flew open and I felt like He was speaking straight to my heart.

My eyes overflowed with emotion and I was reminded in that moment how incredibly and irrevocably loved I was. How loved I am.

Because He knows my heart. And He knows my mind. And He knows that the lies of the enemy have been screamed over me these last few weeks.

Screamed far louder than the truth that I know and hold to.

Screamed more frequently than how often I reminded myself of truth.

Screamed far more than I should ever have allowed.

And the worst part? I was weak and I listened, and at times, I even fell victim to it.

You are unworthy.

Unlovable. Undesirable. Forgotten. 

Your dreams and plans are impossible.

Unattainable. Unrealistic. 

I don’t know what the enemy whispers to you, what your version of Spiritual kryptonite is, but mine always revolve around my insecurities. Unfortunately, the enemy is all too familiar with my insecurities.

He knows right where to get me. And you.

So, to combat the lies of the enemy, I want truth screamed over me.

Truth to envelop me and remind who I am, and more importantly, whose I am.

And when you are reminded of that… the enemy has no power here. And His whispers disintegrate in the presence of the Almighty’s promises.

You are incredibly worthy. I gave my life for you. Never doubt your worth. 

I know every hair on your head, every thought you have ever wondered, every step you will take, and every adventure or heartache you will face. And still, I will be with you. 

Your dreams are attainable, but only if you dream them, if you pray them with me. With me, and only in Me, all things are possible. 

Use those gifts I have given for good. For the kingdom. 

You are irrevocably loved and to remind you of that, I leave whispers of hope & God kisses throughout your day & put people in your path to remind you that I am closer than you think.

I withhold no good thing from those who love me. I am not holding out on you. But rather, heaping my approval on you spoonful by spoonful.  

SCREAM Truth over you. Because warfare is real. And the more real you get with others, the more you share your heart, the more you understand the heart of God, the more you will need to scream.

Let’s scream.



2 thoughts on “Screaming Truth.

  1. Debbie

    I love this post! From your heart to ours. You have spoken truth here for all of us. The battle is in the mind and we must remind ourselves of HIS truth. Love you precious one!

    1. Jamie Post author

      What He has to say about us, is the truest form of ourselves. What He says about us should be our truest identity. But, too often we trade in that identity for a counterfeit one.
      Thank you for your sweet words and for always screaming Truth over me.


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