When You Don’t Feel Good Enough…

There are so many days, so many moments, so many interactions where I feel less than. Not enough. Lacking.

Not pretty enough. Not smart enough. Not interesting enough. Not engaging enough.

Unliked. Unloved. Misunderstood.

Lonely. Tired. Seeking approval.

Life is messy, unknown, scary, and uncertain. And everything this earth gives, you earn. You strive for. You work really, really hard for.

It’s all about status, performance, what we can control, and what we can manipulate.

In a world where love and acceptance are so often performance-based privileges, it seems love must be earned… and once it has been earned, it must be kept.

Because of the limited conditions placed on the world’s version of love, it can be easy to evaluate our relationship with Christ based on how well we do. If we can say things are “basically” under control, we feel good about ourselves. We decide we’ve done just good enough to approach God’s throne room and ask things of Him, or to enjoy His presence.

But when we look around and see chaos and one mess after another after another, we decide we must be doing something wrong. That we are stuck in a rat race of our own invention and our own making, devoid of an escape. We somehow determine God isn’t available to us in that “not good enough” season — or He’s waiting on us to figure it all out before we can once again approach Him.

But, nothing could be further from the Truth.

When He first came to this earth, the Angels did not announce His birth to the Kings, Rulers, and wealthy of the day, but to lowly shepherds watching their flocks by night. And He placed a star in the sky to announce it to learned Magi in a faraway land; who, if they’d only follow, would unlock the greatest story ever told and the greatest gift ever given.

He came to heal the sick, give comfort to the broken, offer forgiveness to the ones that society had forgotten and shunned.

He met them in those broken places.

He dwelt among them. Among us. In all the muck, chaos,and out-of-control situations the world can throw our way. He knows, He understands.

Simply because you belong to Him, you are known by a forgiving, gracious Savior, and you are valuable to Him. All of that combined, makes you very worthy of pre-approval.

No need to prove anything! 

If I could just remind my heart of this when I have these feelings of inadequacy, these moments of feeling nonacceptance, and those nights of loneliness imagining I am truly “alone”, instead of listening to the murmurings of the Evil One.

Write these promises on your hearts.

Remind yourself of them each day.

Place scriptures around your house. On your desk. Or on the dashboard of your car. Places you will see them every day.

His love and acceptance is not performance based, not given on merits of attractiveness, and not doled out to those who have worked hard to “earn it.” Nothing we could ever say or do could EVER earn His love. It’s the only type of love that is freely given with nothing expected in return, but everything in this life to gain!

I want to be swallowed up by this sort of love. By His acceptance and His stamp of approval.

Uniquely made and gifted to carry out His plans for you; your own unique life-print!




3 thoughts on “When You Don’t Feel Good Enough…

  1. Maggie

    Preach sister. Loved this encouragement today on this rainy Sunday. Definitely relate to everything you said. Love you!


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