Hair Story: Summer Up-do Edition.

I have been growing out my hair for a number of months now and really enjoying the fruits of my labor. I love having long hair- the styles are endless and there is so much you can do.

I really do love my past-shoulder length hair.

But, in this summer heat, I love it a little less than I do in other seasons.

It’s only natural.

So, I have gotten creative of late, trying new styles, following tutorials through blogs and Pinterest, and playing around with it until I feel good about my fun summer up-do style.

So, calling all my long-haired beauties!

Here are some of my favorites…

Love this easy chignon hairdo!

Couldn’t believe how easy this tutorial was to master!

For me, it works best the day after a wash and blow-out, when hair has a little texture and is a little dirty. Tease the crown just a bit for a fuller- less perfect look. A really great hairstyle for any day, but can be dressed up for an occasion.

On weekends, I am all about the high bun.


High buns of all kinds. Braided. Teased. Messy. Smooth. Polished.

3 Genius Tips for Getting Your Chignon or Topknot perfect.


High buns with headbands.

braided top knot + decorative headband = instant summer style

It is sophisticated, easy, up and out of the way. Adorable all summer long… and even then! I love a high bun in the fall with great earrings & your favorite scarf.

Here is a great high bun tutorial to follow for medium-to longer lengths of hair:

cute bun

I tend to pull my bun a little further back than this tutorial demos, closer to the crown of my head rather than directly on top. But, that’s just me.

And, I would not be being true to myself if I didn’t include a few ponytail ideas.

I love a classic ponytail.

A classic way to dress up a ponytail: wrap hair (or even a braid) around the rubberband.

Always have, probably always will.

But, because it’s a classic, it can be remade and restyled!

How about this Glam ponytail?

A simple cross-and-pin technique upgrades this cute ponytail. Get the easy steps here.

Follow the instructions here.

And I am dying to know if this works. Always a great idea to make your hair appear thicker, longer, and fuller.


It’s next on the list.

It seems like it would be a perfect Day 2 style after having curled my hair earlier.

When I was younger, I was all about the braid.

I even have a few school pictures with a boho-chic side braid that mom had lovingly styled the morning of class picture day, but I had fallen out of love with it in my adult years.

Back in love now!

Take your headscarf to the next level by braiding it into your hair! Whit from Britt + Whit shows off the look; see how to achieve it here. #headscarf #hairstyles #braids

I love this style. So effortless, cool, and perfectly accessorized! Such a great idea- just have to find the right, thin silk headscarf.

You have any favorites?

Happy summer styling!



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