I’ll be seeing you…


What a privilege it is to share my heart, my thoughts, my recipes, and my funnies with you all each and every week. Thank you for inviting me into your living rooms, kitchens, cubes, and offices… it’s been fun so far hasn’t it? Thank you for your continued love and support. I am blessed by each of you!

Well, now it’s time for the next level. I have recently contracted with Maiedae Designs to redesign my little corner of the www and they are just truly spectacular! I cannot wait til you see the BIG unveiling. Such talented young women that have truly taken the time to get to know me, my thoughts, my dreams, and my ideas.

So, I will be away for a few days as they redesign, play, and implement beautiful things. So, this is goodbye for just a bit.

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In the meantime, I will be working on some posts to share with you when I return. I will be furiously recipe testing delicious tasties for this upcoming holiday season and cannot wait to share with you what the Lord continues to reveal to me and wants me to share with all of you too! And, just maybe there will be some giveaways in there too?

So, check back in with me in just a few short days. You will definately know when I am back in action. I certainly won’t be quiet about it. 🙂

So, “I’ll be seeing you”….





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