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It’s been a while since I have written or checked in here. Life has been completely exciting, busy, stressful, tender, and beautifully messy all at once. Maybe yours has too? Well, the Lord never promised that the road would be easy,  but He did promise to walk it with us, didn’t he?!? And I am truly grateful that He does. My life continues to be such evidence of that.

Maybe you will allow me to catch up with you a bit?

For New Year’s my sweet little family and I ventured to Hilton Head Island, SC, truly one of our favorite places of respite and renewal. And early on January 1st, despite the dreary weather, we suited up in our rain coats and went for a walk on the beach.


Such sweet family time out on that sea shore.


And each year, we rededicate our years to Him, as a family. We joined hands in the living room of that little seaside condo and prayed for one another, for our broken hearts to be mended from this previous year, for Him to renew purpose in each of us, and that we continue to seek Him always first above all other endeavors, desires, or dreams. Grateful for parents that desire more than anything else, for our family’s cornerstone to be built upon His rock, upon His promises.


Just a few short work days into the New Year separated the sweet roomie and I from our 2nd annual Disney trip!

This year I challenged myself to the 10k. Every mile was magic, with the exception of it being very, very wet.


I just love the way I feel at Disney. Who doesn’t love reverting back to their 11 year old self every now and again?




And as always, this girl and I pack it all in & have an absolute blast while doing so!



We stayed at the Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, and it was absolute perfection. One morning while enjoying coffee out on our balcony, the Lord met me in all His prolific beauty. I just sat there, incredibly grateful, marveling at His abounding goodness & grace already so apparent to me in that very first full week of the 2016.


I often feel like He gives me a word, or even a few words each year as part of my focus in my walk with Him. And this year, it is Brave.

Be bold.

Raise your voice.

Develop life-long learning.

Do things you never expected or considered, and give Him all the glory.

I remain expectant of all His has and all He gives.

Continue to follow along with me, in this #YearofBrave.


And then, that brings me to this past weekend where I stood by the side of one of my dearest and most-cherished friends as she pledged her love, loyalty, and heart to the man of her dreams.

My sweet Sarah got married!


Here we are pictured with the lovely bride in the atrium of their church directly following our first rehearsal.

The church was absolutely beautiful with the stained glass windows, a tremendous organ, and a long, long, long tiled aisle. Very Sound of Music, if you know what I mean. I kept waiting for someone to start humming a few bars from “How do you solve a problem like Maria?”


My 3 best friends in this entire world. Without them, I am not fully me. Grateful for their love and investment in me these past 11 years.


Watching her step into that crisp white dress was something out of a dream.

Isn’t she just stunning? And oh so giddily happy!


And so were we!!


We had plenty of Sigma Kappa representation and had an absolute blast at the reception. Love in the Dove ladies! You all hold my (lavender) heart!


Great story about the above picture… we are all 3 in our grandmother’s furs. It felt so luxurious, so old Hollywood, and the absolute epitome of glamour.

So, congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. James Rumph! It was an honor to celebrate by your side all weekend, but it is even more of an honor and privilege to be your friends through all of life’s ups and downs.

I love you!

So, thank you for indulging me in a little catch-up time and for forgiving my leave of absence these last 2 weeks.

Can’t wait to see what else 2016 has in store…




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