A Day in Charleston…

While my family & I were vacationing on the beaches of Hilton Head Island, we took a day trip to Charleston, about a 2 hour drive North. It’s one of my mom’s favorite places in the entire world. In fact, Dad has surprised her on a few anniversaries with a spontaneous weekend trip there.

A day in Charleston is like a day out of history.

Each time I walk the streets, see the sites, inhale the smells, I feel transported to a different time & place.

Is that just me?

It is both simultaneously historical, modern, and breathtakingly beautiful.

I love the Low Country.

Its people. Its food. Its lifestyle. Its fun.

So, come on. Spend a day in Charleston with me…

The markets.

Sloan does Charleston March 2013 007

Sloan does Charleston March 2013 003

I could walk them for hours.

All those handmade goods, clothing, artwork, and all the sweetgrass baskets! It’s almost too many to make a decision.

In fact, I was quite distressed for a bit there, not certain if I wanted square, rectangle, circle, or if I wanted handles or no handles. Oh, decision making is hard sometimes.

Sloan does Charleston March 2013 004-001

Until it isn’t. And I knew.

Charleston basket

Meet sweet Eloise, one of the kindest ladies I have come to meet & the artist of this gorgeous sweetgrass basket I purchased. It’s my first one and I was so excited.

Mom purchased a bread basket well over 25 years ago and it looks as good now as they day she bought it. Can’t wait to serve my family with this basket for years to come.

This was a sweet memory. Thank you Eloise for your gift!

And then there is Rainbow Row of course. Potentially the most photographed corner of Charleston proper. And rightfully so.

Charleston 1

But, I suppose what is most striking to me are the homes.

Sloan does Charleston March 2013 041

The ironwork, the windowboxes, the porches, and breezeways.

Sloan does Charleston March 2013 033

Sloan does Charleston March 2013 014

Sloan does Charleston March 2013 047

Charleston 2

I picture myself sitting out there with a book in my hand and a glass of tea nearby with condensation pooling around it. It’s like living in a Southern fantasy.

And what do us Southern belles eat for lunch you ask?

shrimp & grits

I would think this is somewhat obvious, but Shrimp & grits of course!

This spectacular platter smothered in spicy tasso gravy was from Magnolia’s, one of our favorite restaurants in the city. Good every single time.

A trip to Charleston could never be complete without a horse & buggy ride, and although we have taken countless of them over the years, we saddled up with the two mules leading the way and went for a ride to the Battery.

Charleston 3

Battery Park. Just lovely.

Sloan does Charleston March 2013 042

And then the storms came… oh boy, did they!

Thunder, lightning, torrential rain. NO more pictures of the back half of our tour. Too wet to photograph, that’s for sure.


So, share with me, what are some of your favorite Southern getaways?

Charleston is certainly right up there among mine!

Where should I go next?!?



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