We Went West

I am still positively reeling from 12 days spent with my 2 favorite people in uncharted territory…

And by “uncharted”, I mean, at least places we have never been either individually, or as a family.

We began in San Francisco and followed US 101, the Coastal Pacific Highway, all the way up the California, Oregon, and Washington coastline to our final destination of Seattle, WA. It was honestly and truly one of those “trips of a lifetime” with so many bucket list scratch-offs that I lost count.

Chief Seattle, for whom the emerald city was named, once said “Take only memories, and leave only footprints.” and I’d say, we accomplished just that.

My suitcase wasn’t piled heavy with gifts and mementos and souvenirs like it can usually be when I travel, and don’t get me wrong, I did buy a few things, but what I am returning with are more memories and moments than anything else.

Some of those memories are hard to adequately describe or even capture on film, but I did my very best, and I’d love to share a few of them with you, if you’ll indulge me.

One of the highlights for me was certainly the Oregon Coastline. And we spent about 5 days of our trip on this coastline, so I soaked it up day after day.

I could look out the window at it all day.

The craggy cliffs, wide flat beaches, natural beach grasses, perfect blue skies. Just breath-taking! And so different from our East Coast beaches.

Looking back over the pictures, I can almost hear the waves crashing.

It was spectacular!

As the sun comes out… 

And as it goes down…

And, we even did a little whale-watching… and we spotted a few!

And it was completely thrilling the first time you saw one spout out of the water.

It was like Sea World, but 1,000 times better!

Such a spectacular world we live in and such a creative Creator we serve!

Can’t wait to show you even more in the days ahead…



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