Weekend Visits + Sweet Hospitality

Ever so often, I spend the weekend with my best friend and her husband in their hometown of Athens, GA. It feels a little like coming home for me too as it was my home for 4.5 years as well. The years I most commonly and affectionately refer to as “the best years of my life.”

True then, and true now.


Athens is a neat little eclectic town– home of UGA and the Georgia Bulldawgs, birthplace of lots of great music and bands like REM, unbelievable shopping, and a fantastic destination for foodies like myself. Kacina always likes to treat me to a new restaurant in town at least once during each of my visits. We have discovered a lot of great places together that way. But, there is always those select few things that we “have to do” that she knows makes my heart go pitter-pat a little faster.


(This is a pic from one of my visits last fall. It was a blustery Saturday afternoon and Kac decided to treat me to the new burger ‘n fry joint in town. We got a whole bunch of baby burger sliders and split them. After all… what are friends for?!?)

So, along for the trip is a little bit of ‘Happy’ for my dear friend, Kacina.

One thing that is central to Southern women is the art of gracious hospitality. Hospitality is defined as “the friendly reception and treatment of both guests and strangers.” But, I have to say, I have always felt that being truly hospitable isn’t just about hosting people in your home.

It’s treating those around you, in whatever space you are in (your home, your office, your cubicle, your aisle in the grocery store, your church pew), warmly, generously, and genuinely. It is the spilling over of your heart.

Isn’t that just lovely? I love the imagery.

i just knew that I wanted to bring Kacina a little happy to thank for her opening up her home to me the same way she has opened up her heart to me throughout our almost 9 years of friendship. {Whoa! Time flies, doesn’t it?}

Never sure quite what to give?

I just always give items that I love, enjoy, or savor. If I love it, chances are they will as well. And I know Kacina will love this—

photo 1

A few months ago, I got on a craft kick and handstenciled and stamped personalized recipe cards for some friends of mine.

photo 2

I think recipe cards are the perfect personal touch. And I love the old-fashioned craft paper look of these with the simple red and white striped ribbon embellishment.

photo 3

It’s always nice to give someone something homemade or handmade. Let them know you were thinking about them as you made it.

photo 4

I also brought her a book I know she will enjoy, One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. The Lord is using this simple little book & message to do amazing things in and through my small group. I know her heart will be blessed. And in the end, it blesses me to bless her walk with the Lord and strengthen her faith.

photo 5

Thus, true hospitality.

It’s thoughtful, personal, kind, and simply Southern.

Sloan's Bridal Shower 4-14-13 075

Just like the 2 of us!

Such fond memories we make when we are together. We sit around, catch up, watch shows from previous weeks on their DVR, or play board games or cards.

Yep! We kick it old school that way, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It was a fun-filled weekend. Hope yours was fantastic as well…

Blessings on your week ahead!



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