Capsule Wardrobe: End of month + what I’ve learned

The first month of my experimental Capsule wardrobing is complete and I feel…


More simplified.


Less stressed.





Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I would react, or how this would work out, but I am really, really happy that I chose to do this and it is a practice I think I would carry over into other seasons as well.

To be perfectly honest, (because let’s just face it, the whole point of this blog is for me to be honest & vulnerable) July was a hectic month of life for me. One filled with stress, busyness, a lot of here and there and everywhere, times filled with great sadness and fatigue, and also times of great happiness, joy, and laughter. I had hoped to be a better documenter of my Capsuled month, but alas, I was not successful.

What I can tell you is what I have learned.

And, as they say, ‘knowledge is power…’

No 1. The Capsule Wardrobe is simply a tool, not your ultimate style & wardrobe destination.

It is so much less about the actual capsule and more about what it teaches you and what it shares with you along the way.

It is a tool to remind yourself to intentionally take a break and not shop!  Taking these pauses recenters, refocuses, and aids you in making smarter buying choices in the future rather than emptying your wallet everytime you drive by a TJ Maxx with a SALE sign in the front window.

Buy fewer, better items.

No 2. I was more content & more present. 

I never fully comprehended how much of each morning I spent looking through my closet…

then looking back through my closet…

and then doing another cursory glance through the 2 racks before finally determining what I was wearing that day. Such a complete waste of A) time and B) limited brain functionality at 6:30 am.

My 34 item wardrobe, I can honestly say, took the stress and the guesswork out of my mornings. By limiting myself, I was more productive and had more fun.

No 3. When trying to simplify, subtract, don’t add. 

Subtract items from your closet to become better organized, don’t add new items.

Clean out, purge, donate, give. It’s healthy and you will feel so much better once you take that leap. And fully embrace the current, “Useful” clothes in your closet right now- ones that are in season, fit well now, and are appropriate for your lifestyle.

No 4. The simple act of selecting these 34 items helped me to continue to hone my personal style.

I used to buy random pieces that I liked or even maybe ‘loved’ and threw them in with my current wardrobe and expected it to work.


When I was cognizant of picking my capsule pieces and I thought about my personal style.. a lot… I was able to appreciate the pieces that I have (that I absolutely love) and get more wear out of them.

No 5. Diversity! 

Even more unafraid of the mix n match. Colors, patterns, styles, weights, casual, dressy, etc. I have played with my wardrobe pieces more in these last 30 days than maybe ever before.

Embrace your personal style, tailor it down, and then play dress up until you have several ensembles that you can mix and match. It’s so rewarding!

No 6. Development of Confidence. 

Sure. Were there days when I wishes I could break out a different top, a different dress, or jacket?

Of course!

But, it was then I began to realize, even more clearly than before, that the first and greatest impression isn’t made through my clothes or image at all. It’s my smile. My personality. The tenor ad tone of my voice. My Southern hospitality and charm.

Clothe yourself with more than just clothes. Clothe yourself in love, joy, peace, patience, and humility.

So, what are your thoughts about Capsule Wardrobes? 

Ever thought about simplifying your closet (and life) a bit?

I highly encourage you to do so. Just dip your toe in the deep end and try it for a month, or even two.

I am going to recommit to putting together a fall wardrobe later this year and challenging myself in new and different ways. It will be harder for me to pair down all those sweaters, scarves, and boots! New lessons for sure…



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