Capsule Wardrobe… the Why behind the How

Have you heard of the Capsule Wardrobe?

This idea, at least for me, stems from this very brave lady Caroline who blogs @ Unfancy, who took the dare to create for herself a 37 piece wardrobe she wears year round.

And nothing else but these 37 items.

The Capsule Wardrobe Lifestyle, as it has become known, is “the practice of keeping a small amount of useful clothes in your closet and remixing them each season.”

Caroline lays out some ground rules…


Why did she do this?

In her own words… “So I can do more meaningful things with my time and energy. So I can avoid emotional purchases, avoid overspending. So I can build an intentional wardrobe that makes me want to do a happy dance.

And most importantly: I do it because I like it. It brings me joy.”

Remembering the “why” you do something, always helps you excel and achieve the “how.”

So, I took the dare. Just for a month, the month of July and determined my own 34 item Capsule Wardrobe.

Now, I know that she suggests to do it for a solid season, a period of 3 months, but I was uncertain and a bit skeptical, so I am trying it for a month… at least at first.

Who knows?!? I may decide to continue it into August or September even!

Here is my break-down and then I will expound a bit on my personal choices in my next post.

  • Tops – 8
  • Bottoms – 5
  • Shoes – 6 pairs
  • Dresses – 6
  • Skirts – 1
  • Outerwear – 8

Keys to remember when choosing your items: {at least, these are the rules that helped me}

  1. Choose a color palette and stay within the palette you choose. This will help you to create new outfits and is easier to mix n match so it’s not so obvious you are wearing the same outfit as you did last Tuesday.
  2. Build with neutrals, and then add a little color with accessories.
  3. Only choose items that you love & can wear right now!
  4. Remember that your selection excludes workout items, loungewear, pajamas, undergarments, jewelry, accessories, & specialty occasions like cocktail parties, weddings, showers, etc.
  5. Move your 35 or 37 item Wardrobe to the front of your closet so you won’t be tempted by the remaining pieces.
  6. Donate what you don’t love right now, what you can’t wear right now, and what doesn’t constitute “useful clothing.”


Here is a FREE wardrobe planner that Caroline provides on her site.

I will keep you up to date on my progress and will share styling tips throughout this next month…or so…

Happy Capsuling!



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