Let me count the ways…

Let me count the ways…

all the ways to tie/wear a scarf!

Scarves are the ultimate in fall & winter accessorizing, for me, and I practically wear one almost every single day.

Here in the Deep South, the scarf is not so much about warmth, as it is an accessory. The ultimate fall & winter outfit-completer. Gimme a good, rich hued, long, thick scarf and I will show you 12 different ways to wear it.

I tend to be an uncomplicated scarf-wearer. Not a huge fan of all the twists and braids and fishtails that some are sporting, but I prefer simple and classic, but still slightly understated scarf ties.

Speaking of which, here are a few of my favorite ways to wear your favorite scarf this season.

The Classic 

Jean Wang wears grey over the knee boots with an authentic tartan scarf and a leather jacket. Scarf: Sole Society, Tee: Loft, Jacket: BlankNYC, Jeans: J Brand, Boots: Stuart Weizman.:

It’s hard to beat the classic, and honestly, it’s probably the way I wear a scarf the most.

It’s quick, easy to tie, and you can literally do it as you are walking out the door, and it virtually works for just about any scarf- from skinny silk to thick blanket scarves.

Absolutely obsessed with the heels with jeans look! It makes for a chic yet casual look.:

Just simply make a “U” with your scarf, with the bend in the  “U” at the nape of your neck, take the ends behind your head, cross them, and then bring the tails back to the front of your body and adjust as necessary.



As the name would suggest, this scarf is without a tie! It is open-ended, flowy, and perfect.

flannel scarf + puffer vest = great winter/fall casual look.:

I feel that this style works best with thicker and shorted scarves that would bother you bunched up too close to your face, if it was tied. Or if you are wearing another piece of outer-clothing like a puffer vest, a quilted jacket, or pea coat. The scarf makes a great statement laying close to your body in between all the layers.

Knot the ends for a little added interest and flair.



Okay. This is adorable, and completely fool-proof.

Just place around your neck and tie a decorative knot about 1/2 down the length of the scarf, tucking the ends into the knot, or you can leave the ends out too.

'Ex-Libris' Hermès cashmere shawl in a basic slide knot:

So chic! Especially when your outfit is monochromatic like above.

Or maybe try something a little more like this…

love the way she tied this scarf!:

This style is sort of a cross between a Knotted & Infinity style, that I love!


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As the name would suggest, an Infinity scarf is one solid loop, or multiple loops around your neck with no break. You can make your own infinity scarf by knotting the ends of the scarf at the back of your neck, or purchase an infinity scarf from your favorite retailer.

Here is a great graphic from www.thegloss.com below on how to make & wear your own Infinity Scarf.

13 Cool Ways to Wear Scarves This Fall:

I love the simplicity and sophistication of the infinity loop.You can literally do this with almost any scarf in your closet.

High Neck Tie 

I gave up sugar for a week. And it wasn't so bad, except watching the girls in the office eating ice cream on a hot day and not being able to have any! http://spotpopfashion.com/d4av:

I was a slower convert on this trend.

Honestly, I think I had to get over the fact that really only flight attendants wear scarves in this way.

12 Ways to Instantly Make Your Outfit More Interesting via @WhoWhatWear:

But now I am convinced, it is a really, really beautiful way to wear a silk scarf.

Go around your neck once, twice, or even three times (depending on the length of your scarf) being careful to not wrap too tightly, and then tie it in a knot and rotate the scarf to the side so that the tails of your scarf drape over one side or shoulder.

This is truly a classic “French girl” look that never goes out of style.

Belted Shawl 

One of my very favorites!

Cute way to wear a scarf:

So perfectly chic and simple and perfect for when weather is too cold for just long sleeves, and not quite cold enough for a coat or jacket.

Love it worn as a shawl with a belt.:

A scarf can be that perfect outer layer when needed to just give your neck and shoulders a little extra coverage.


This unique trend gave rise to the coveted blanket scarf- a big, bulky, and snuggly scarf that I cannot get enough of!

You can wear it as an outer-piece all on its own.

Love the belted poncho:

Look how great that looks over a maxi skirt and with a simple clutch for a dinner date or special occasion. Just beautiful!

blanket scarf and floppy hat:

I am totally going to do that this fall & winter. So chic!

The Cocoon 

The Cocoon Wrap answers the age old question of, “how many times can I loop this scarf around my neck?”

Blue denim jeans + leather jacket + striped shirt + yellow infinity scarf + heels:

And it answers that question in the chicest way possible… of course!

There are no rules here.

Just keep looping around your neck in loose (or tighter if you wish) loops and then tuck or tie the ends under for maximum wear.

Fall / Winter - street chic style - black leather jacket + white printed t-shirt + dark denim cropped skinnies + leopard print flats + mustard or light brown scarf + red messenger bag + vintage sunglasses + red lips:

Perfect for those chilly winter mornings!

You can even wear this style with a blanket scarf, if you so desire.

That Scarf.:

The Loop & Tie 

I am calling this tie the Loop & Tie, because that is what it is for me- 1 loop and 1 tie.

scarf & jeans:

This is so ultra-sophisticated, and is especially beautiful with a very long scarf so that you have plenty of fabric to play with.


The perfect blend of both fashion, and function.

And, for a slightly more finished version of this style, also try The Boho.

Scarf tying:

The Southern Cross 

So, I didn’t come up with that name, it had already been identified as the Southern Cross, but I wish I had thought of it!

Four Favourite Scarf Tying Tutorials:

Here is a great graphic from leberpr.com with really good visuals.

Spartina 449 Veranda Scarf tied into a Southern Cross - I used to tie my scarves thus way but I forgot how! Love it!:

I am a visual learner!

I can honestly say, this is one of my favorite ways to tie or “braid” a scarf. And every time I wear one of my scarves like this, women stop me and want me to teach them how to tie their scarf in this way. It’s popular, and again, you can do this with almost any scarf in your closet- long, short, skinny, thick, wool, silk, etc. It’s endlessly versatile!

So, there you have it! My crash-course of Scarf Tying.

Hope it inspires you with a few extra knots and bows this season.



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