The Keys to Wearing all White this Summer

I used to live in absolute fear of wearing white jeans.

I saw all these other super chic, elegant women wearing white jeans and wondered why I seemed to not be able to pull off that same effortless sophistication.

But, the truth is, it just takes some time to find the right pair of white jeans. Doesn’t it? The right cut. The right thickness… {hello panty lines!} The right fabric. The right size. But, when we find the right pair, it makes all the difference and I love the look of an all-white, or at least mostly white, look. Nothing can beat its simple sophistication, and it’s absolutely perfect for summertime!

Cool. Breezy. Crisp. Ladylike. Perfect.

But, there are some tips and tricks for pulling off the all-white look.

Pair slim & full silhouettes when dressing all in the same hue.

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Darling outfit...

Mirror whatever you are wearing, top and bottom. If wearing a fuller blouse, then pair with slim ankle pants, and vice versa.

Pop on a Belt to break up the look a bit. Gives you a bit of definition and separation.

Plus, for us curvy gals like me? It accentuates the narrowest part of us- our waistlines!

Throw on a faded denim jacket, or even white denim jacket!

White Jean Style

Gives it some polish & finesse.

Keep it monochromatic even when it comes to accessories!



White hat or white sneakers and even lighter-hued sunglasses all pair for this sporty and adorable look.

Dress in tone. Not crazy about all white? Pair it with tan, cream, blush, or even metallic!It will still give you the same effect.

How to Wear All White in Spring | Pink Cardigan | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet #howtowearwhite #pinkcardigan

How to Survive an All White Outfit

Just White V-neck Outfit Idea Source

Hoping this has given you some style ideas and a little more courage to pull out the lightest hue in your closet and go for it!

Wear with confidence!



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