My Favorites : Spring Preview

So, a little under 2 weeks back, we hit 78 degrees as a high one weekday. I met one of my best girls for dinner and we ate outside on a patio.

In February.

What is this life!?!

All that to say, although I love winter and all its bleakness, its bared trees, its accessories, and its crispness, SPRING is coming.

So, wanted to preview a few Spring Looks I am loving…

Now, let me say this, these are not trends off the runway from NYC or Paris, they are simply looks that I love and may not be what’s “in” for Spring or Summer 2019; simply what I am looking forward to. I am never that good at following what’s current.  

Taking a walk on the wild side… Mix in some Animal Print 

I have said it before, and I am sure I will say it again, but for me, Animal print is a neutral.

In my closet, or in my home, I treat leopard print, and any sort of animal print really, as I would any other neutral.

I wear & pair it with solids, patterns, floral, and even other animal prints.

It's always the same problem  for many women when going on a holiday; what to pack? You don't want to pack to much and heavy and ce...

Slide View: 1: Juno Printed Dress

Leopard. H&M

I love the juxtaposition and the pattern play!

And people often ask, are there any rhymes or reasons or rules to pairing animal print with other textures and patterns in your home or in your wardrobe?

Entryway style by House of Harper - #classic #homedecor #entryway

And as far as I know, there isn’t! 

The only rule I ever abide by is if I love it, I do it.

Not sure where to start?

Mix in small mentions or whispers of it.

Snakeskin stunnas ✨ // #Seychelles Wake Bootie // Available @maude_nwa and…

Earrings, handbags, a scarf, a pair of sandals or booties. And in your home? Perhaps a runner or a rug or even an animal print throw wrapped around your favorite cozy chair. And then add another pattern, a bright hue, or another texture that you love.

Bold Pattern skirt in white and yellow with cobalt blue... and leopard print clutch- cute for work

When I lose my 20 lbs I will buy myself cheetah print pants and wear the heck out of them!

I think you will be surprised how well the 2 will complement each other.

Head-to-Toe Neutrals 

I have always been a monochromatic dresser, at least for most of my adolescent and adult life. I love the way an all black ensemble looks and feels. 

Olivia Palermo Reboots the Look of Summer Neutrals

Olivia Palermo Inspires Us to Go Monochrome via @WhoWhatWear  ...with loose slacks in ivory instead of skirt...

But, now it’s time to lighten up a bit and play around with this same trend in some lighter, airier, neutral hues. 

Some tips for all-over monochromatic looks?

  1. Pick similar hues that complement each other, ie a blush and a taupe or a white and light, heather gray. 
  2. Pick same hue, but slightly different texture one from another. 
  3. Don’t be afraid to go all-over-same-color! It is chic and simplistic and perfect! When you commit, commit to it. 

See some examples of these tricks of the trade below… 

Business Casual - Imgur

cute & little | dallas petite fashion blog | express striped cocoon top, express blush pink sash tie pants, nude strappy sandals | spring office work outfit - Blush Neutrals for Springtime Office Outfit by popular Dallas petite fashion blogger cute & litt

And this look isn’t just for “dressy” outfits… Try rocking it on the weekends and in lounge or athletic wear too. 

Effortless casual look #fbloggers #stylediaries

Scarf-Print Patterns everywhere but scarves! 


You know those patterns I mean– paisley, florals, and even bandanna print? Those patterns you typically tie around your neck? Well now, try them all over! 

Scarf Print: das Seidenschalmuster wird zum Herbst-Musthave 2018, Der Scarf Print ist wohl das beliebteste Muster im Herbst 2018. Auf leisen Sohlen hat sich das Seidenschalmuster zum Musthave gemausert. Ich verrate Euch wie Ihr den Trend als Anfänger als auch als Profi stylt und zeige mein Alltags-Outfit mit Scarf Print. www.amigaprincess.com #herbsttrend #scarfprint #schalmuster

Slide View: 1: Concello Pullover

I love the ethereal lightness of this trend in beautiful blouses, kimonos, and lightweight, all weather jackets and sweaters.

Slide View: 3: Belinda Floral Kimono

Scarf print fashion trend: Monikh wearing DVF scarf top

I think it’s the perfect, punchy and bright addition to any spring or summertime wardrobe!

Moto Jackets 

Suzanne of My Kind Of Sweet shares 3 Ways To Style A Moto Jacket with Nordstrom for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | my kind of sweet | outfit ideas | women's fashion | what to wear | mom style | date night style @nordstrom #nordstrom #fashion #style

The 8 Most Versatile Pieces for Your Fall Wardrobe | The Everygirl

I love a good, classic Moto jacket. I wear them to work, to play, running errands, on vacation, and everything in between. In fact, I have 3 different ones hanging in my closet now! 

And you can pair them with just about anything in your closet! 

Jeans and a Tee? Yep! 

Black dress pants? Yep! 

A floral, summery maxi dress? Yep! 

Slide View: 1: Marrakech Parkway Moto Jacket

50+ date outfit ideas for spring to copy #outfitideas #springoutfits #summeroutfits

But, I am seriously crushing on these lighter hued, soft suede, and even belted versions I am seeing lately! 

Slide View: 3: Freeway Textured Moto Jacket

They truly are one of those pieces that you can just throw-on-and-go and look pulled together and polished in a flash! 

Hot Magenta! 

Pantone_Magenta #Ijustlovepink

So, magenta is a “hot” Pantone color of choice for Spring & Summer 2019, and, for once, I’d love to jump on this bandwagon! 

This color so reminds me of my Nana as she loved the way she felt and looked when she rocked a really bright shade of pink or purple. And who doesn’t want to emulate their Nana’s?!?

Pair a statement blazer with contrasting accessories. Try magenta with yellow or blue with orange.

Slide View: 4: Melange Cashmere Sweater

This hue is popping up everywhere around me and it’s bold and bright and rich and makes me so very happy! 

Henna Style Painted Wine Bottle. Love these colors, and the Bohemian paisley pattern.

Pink not your thing? Totally fine! Maybe just add a magenta handbag or a swipe of magenta lip color or nail color just to dip your toe in the trend. 

Love this color!! Where can I get it?

You never know what you might think! We can all surprise ourselves from time to time. 

Whether you try one of these Springtime favorites or none of them, I hope you were inspired to try something new or to pull a forgotten about item buried deep in your closet, and give it new life!

Most of all, have fun and live life stylishly! 



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